Gift giving

I I called to check how everybody was doing and to ask about the balikbayan box I sent to the Philippines two months ago. My family just got the package that week, and oh my, it feels so good to make other people happy, eh, especially if they are our loved ones. I was so contented, and more so grateful because I was just not thinking about it, but my mom said "thank you for the birthday gift". She had just celebrated her glorious birthday, and my box brought her several gifts I am so proud she really liked. I just thought that they might receive it early or way past her birthday, but all the same, they might not be the most expensive gifts for everyone, but I sure those items cover and add to those with limited wardrobe in the community, and even sweet treats for everyone who might happened to be near my mom.

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Custom labels

L Last month I ordered a Custom Label off the Internet. The company has thousands of predefined designs and shapes and I just had to choose which one I liked best and even customized it to reflect the message I want the label for. Perhaps the company with the widest array of designs and options you can find for Custom Labels for whatever purpose or application you will be using them for, is Data Graphics Inc.

Whether it is personal prints, decals, overlays and plates for industrial and commercial applications or even military use, design graphics has just all the design, the graphics and the materials we can ever wish for labels and markers and signs, customized or pre-made.

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Malignant mesothelioma

I It is never easy when we have cancers, especially when we acquire it from being exposed to harmful chemicals such as asbestos, that causes Mesothelioma disease, over time, in a workplace, our environment and other areas that we ought to keep everybody harm-free. But as devastating as it is, we can sure survive it, as others have, especially when we take action while it is in early stages.

There are a lot of resources for Mesothelioma Cancer patients, one of the best is from Mr. Kraus’s who also experienced it himself, and how he was able to survive it despite the odds, in a world best-selling publication explaining the disease and it’s effect, in the book “Surviving Mesothelioma and other cancers”.

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It's a wonderful world

Playing peekaboo! I think to myself that it is such a wonderful world we live in with all the trees of green, and the red roses too that bloom each with their fragrant displays. Wonderful world, one of my favorite songs. And it will be equally wonderful if each of us take time to take a deep breath, inhaling the fresh and soothing fragrance of nature on our quiet moment of the day, to relieve the stress, from ourselves and those we are yet to deal with.

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Purchasing Tickets with Ease

Contribution by Stevie Kirby.

I can't believe how easy it is to purchase tickets for an event! I remember when you used to have to stand outside in line for hours. Sometimes, we even had to camp at the box office to get tickets!

More often than not, our efforts were wasted and the show was sold out by the time we were able to purchase tickets.

Times are changing...and so is the way tickets are purchased!!

This summer, I have been to four concerts - Pearl Jam, Three Days Grace, Tim McGraw and Def Leppard. I sat eighth row center or better for each show...and never once did I have to stand outside the box office in the rain or heat to purchase my tickets!!

I bought tickets for all four shows online through my high speed 4g internet bundle. Instead of standing outside the box office, I can sit in front of my computer at work - and still be first in line!! I can't believe how easy things are these days!!

With all of the money I saved on camping gear and bad food, I think I might go to another show!! I hear that Sublime with Rome is coming to town!! Who's with me?!

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Healing view

This was the Red River view through Ms. Alma's hospital room window, serene isn't it. She had been in a car accident few months ago, and thank God, she is fine now, still kicking and willful, and well. She got a brand new car, good for her, for I know how it feels to be confined and be dependent on others when there is a need to go somewhere. But I never mind a thing taking her around, making her happy, meeting her needs, and spending time together, and of course, adjust to one another, hearing and talks, lol. Now she's back again to her routine.

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I Found the Perfect Spot for a Day Trip

Post contributed by Josue Durham.

I finally found the perfect place to go for a day trip. I did not realize that there was anything so wonderful within an hours drive. While a friend and I were out riding around the country roads the other day, we came across a day spa. This place was way out in the country. It was no wonder I had never heard of it before. The next weekend, I set my first alert home security system and hit the road. I wanted to check this place out.

I had never been to a day spa before and did not know what to expect. The whole place was so calming. I ended up getting a pedicure, manicure, and a full body massage. It was heavenly. After the massage, I relaxed in the hot tub until it was time for a snack. Never have I been so spoiled. I was finding it hard to believe that no one had ever said anything about this place. In talking with the owners, I discovered that they had only recently opened and business was slowly building up. I would have to say that I would definitely recommend them to my friends. Who knows? Maybe someone will buy a gift certificate for me to go again.

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Happy Birthday, Ma!

I It's my dearest, best and loveliest one and only mom's birthday today. We have been so blessed. I would bet she is singing in their room right now, a song extolling the greatness and faithfulness of God even from the roots of our race. I am so grateful everybody is doing well, and safe. I was singing the birthday song on the phone, I may not have other gifts for her right now, (I will make it up to her one day), but I know I have made her happier by hearing my voice, from afar, after thinking of me and how I was doing that very minute before I called home.

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Direct satellite TV

M My husband is a big fan of sports specially football. If he were home, he would be watching any channel where his favorite football team’s plays are broadcasted live. Most of the time we watch through satellite cable channels, but sometimes we have to watch on local TV.

As of now, we have TV broadcasts in traditional analog channels, and also now have digital channels. The difference is so clear. Of course with the digital television, picture and sound quality are way better than analog, and the good thing is that we can scan for more digital channels now, as more programming and options become available to subscribers. Today, we can see that more and more people are subscribing to cable and satellite, which are really much better in terms of programming and of course with the HD or high definition reception.

The same is true with direct satellite TV it offers more full-time HD channels, which are exactly what you would look for especially when we watch sports like the NFL, NBA, and all the rest of where the action is. Depending on your package, you may get almost three hundred channels to choose from. You cannot ask for more or better than that. For those who are not aware yet, there is a government legislation to switchover from analog to digital broadcasting for better service and reception.

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When hope is gone

I I have been transferring music from hundreds of CD's here to the iPod. I pity the cpu, it's fired up, (it has been greeting me with about a hundred blue screen of death these past two weeks), but glad that it is as patient as me for that matter, still I take a break every now and then. It won't hurt to listen to imported music either.

Right now the song I'm listening to, while I am doing something else, seems to speak to me, and maybe for you out there. It is by Kathy Troccoli, "Love has a name". The line is "when hope (and even faith) is gone, love will remain". In worldly sense, sometimes we are in unwanted and painful situations where we don't see any hope at all from whatever angle we see ourselves. We just want to end it and get out of the really devastating situation, but when we are in this circumstance, somewhere there is a force that will remain, will stay, and give you strength to move on with the promise of the hopeful and faithful love. If we have come this far, we can take the rest of the way.

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Term life insurance rates

T The best way to see how much we will save or how much we must pay is to get term life insurance rates and quotes all in one site so we can easily compare the costs and the providing agencies. Unexpected things happen in life whether we want them or not; we just have to cope with it, and should have already prepared for the emergency.

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P People have different stands on losing unnecessary body fat. Some stick to the slow but sure solution, the always best, physical exercise and proper diet and intake. Others have other choices. They want instant gratification or result, maybe because of their lifestyle, which for some is the reason for the excess weight. It is not bad, if your competent doctor recommends quick trim or any other pills, based on his assessment of you.

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Knight and Day

L Last week I went to the theater. My plan was the "Knight and Day" starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It was because it was the movie that is showing when when I get to the Grand, without missing any scenes nor without waiting for so long before it started. I had a horrible and long day in town that day, so I thought I might treat myself and be with the crowd enjoying a movie. Overall it was fine, it was good, kind of funny and has a lot of action going on :-D.

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It works

I If you are looking for diets that work, you have a lot of choices. It helps to be informed. Read reviews, and more importantly, we talk to real people who are successful in this area. You will see that they will tell you the same thing: enough and proper physical exercise, eating discipline, this includes what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat, and other may have some experience with diet aids that you can supplement with these primary way to lose weight.

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Clearer skin

I In few days I will be ready to take acne treatments, and I am optimistic they will heal and clear up my skin. I don’t really have bad acne; it is just that once in a while I would have inappropriate breakouts. We are all different and our reactions with treatments might not be real exact, but we can just try one treatment that is most recommended, trusted and proven to give us benefits.

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Home Protection Tips

Post by Mary Bedson

B Before leaving for a vacation, there are a few things that one needs to do to make sure that their home is protected from burglary, vandalism, or other crime. It doesn’t matter what quality of neighborhood one lives in, when not at home, everyone is vulnerable to the dangers of crime.

The first thing to do is to make sure that all doors and windows are locked and secure. Most people that are robbed tend to find that they forgot to lock their windows, which are just as easy to enter as doors. The next thing to do is to make sure that neighbors know that you will be gone. That way, if they see anyone that looks like they are trying to enter your house, they know that it is a crime in progress and they can then call the police. Neighbors can be a great asset to knowing that your home is safe. If one does not have any neighbors, perhaps try and get someone to stop by the house several times while away, that way, one can be sure that the home is at least being monitored by someone. Of course, the last thing to do is to make sure that one’s alarm equipment is set before leaving. This is often the last and best line of defense against burglary and other crime.

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Mt. Everest

This is the world's highest peak, at least the replica of it, lol, at the Disney World's Animal Kingdom Park. It was a very cold morning for us when we went to the park we were practically shivering, but we enjoyed the day all the same. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

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F For me it is easy to lose weight but it is difficult to gain some and maintain it, for others it is the reverse. Of course it is because we have different metabolism and other factors affecting our body weight, and different efforts. But there is a pill called nuphedragen; it is said to have ingredients that keep your metabolism up, but at the same time suppress your appetite you want to keep low on. Consult your doctor about it.

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Fat burner

O Once a week I drive to town to play tennis, yeah, determined enough to travel 90 minutes just to play for 2/3’s the time. And it is all worth it. We get to have really great exercise, have fun playing and burn fat, all for good blood and oxygen circulation in our body that it felt exhilarating afterwards. If you are not into exercise yet, which you should, should your lifestyle allows, there are other methods that serve as fat burner.

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Health savings account

I If you are looking for ways to save money on taxes, which we know will not go down, there are really a lot of ways, one is opening and maintaining a health savings account. It is really beneficial for the account holder, not just to have something to pay during health issues and payments not covered by other insurance, but because it’s deductibility reduce your tax obligations by gross income adjustment against your health savings plan. There are no penalties to withdraw your money if you are 65 or over, otherwise, you know what it means. To learn more, visit USA fact organization health savings account for medical insurance website.

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I I am glad I finished the assignments I got today. I'm thankful for them. We will have something to look forward to, and knowing we can use it to help our loved ones and meet our own needs. Now it is time for another household chores. The towels are a bit dry by now, it is time to put them in the real dryer, lol.

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Massachusetts insurance

I If you’re looking for insurance in Franklin, MA and surrounding areas, consider Berry insurance agency. There are a lot of insurance providers, charging high rates for the coverage you need, but I believe you can get a good deal with Berry for any type of insurance you should have.

Berry insurance agency provides Massachusetts auto insurance policies that of course are just what you need and no extra payment. They are one of good insurers of Massachusetts home insurance, so that forbid, anything unexpected happens to our house, we are covered and that should give us peace of mind, same as with Massachusetts business insurance along with any other personal insurance. Get a quote now and compare with other providers to see where you can save most, and see how simple it is.

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Minka Aire

D Do you feel the heat too? It’s not the hottest in summer yet, but we got the taste of it. I have been out going to town almost every day and the heat exhausted me some. At least it is cool inside the house with the air conditioning system he spent a lot on, and also having a Minka Aire ceiling fan on the porch really helped a lot, and make visiting cool.

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