When hope is gone

I I have been transferring music from hundreds of CD's here to the iPod. I pity the cpu, it's fired up, (it has been greeting me with about a hundred blue screen of death these past two weeks), but glad that it is as patient as me for that matter, still I take a break every now and then. It won't hurt to listen to imported music either.

Right now the song I'm listening to, while I am doing something else, seems to speak to me, and maybe for you out there. It is by Kathy Troccoli, "Love has a name". The line is "when hope (and even faith) is gone, love will remain". In worldly sense, sometimes we are in unwanted and painful situations where we don't see any hope at all from whatever angle we see ourselves. We just want to end it and get out of the really devastating situation, but when we are in this circumstance, somewhere there is a force that will remain, will stay, and give you strength to move on with the promise of the hopeful and faithful love. If we have come this far, we can take the rest of the way.

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