My First Child

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Three years ago I found out I was pregnant and did not know the first thing about having a child. I was really excited to have my first child, but needed some information. I turned to to go online and search for everything I needed to know about my pregnancy and my first child to be. I signed up with many different websites to get updates on my pregnancy and where I should be during that particular trimester. I also joined many social networks to talk to other mothers who were pregnant with their first child, and even mothers who had much experience when it came to bearing children.

I am glad I was able to find many different resources online, from what I was supposed to be feeling, what I should eat to keep my child healthy, and even how I should feel when I go into labor. After three years I still get emails from some of these sites. They give me tips for raising my son, such as what I am supposed to do when it comes to potty training. Who would have thought that the internet would be so helpful when it came to having a baby.

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It was such a poor bird we found in the woods, and we knew something was wrong with it staying on the ground. We were curious about it of course. My heart was 'broken' when I found out that one of it's wings was broken! I didn't see who attacked it, but I don't like the sight of crows around here these last several weeks.

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Surveillance system

S Since Mr. Sam died, security video camera units have been installed around the in-laws’ premises and properties. All of those were to ‘monitor’ who has been or would be lurking around his properties and steal his stuff. The number one they expect to do the stealing was a familiar person, but since he is locked up now, that issue was eliminated, as well as the anxiety or fear of what will be. But we never know, since some people would do bad and abusive things when they find out someone just died and only an old woman, defenseless and vulnerable, is left in the house. And because of that, the sons also took care of the home surveillance system and alarm for security. She usually sleeps so sound that nothing can disturb her, but mother-in-law can rest and stay in the house more peacefully now, but of course, equally peaceful are we around her knowing she is ‘safe’.

The security cameras were equipped with a large capacity memory cards so it is still good this time, and since nothing seemed amiss, perhaps they will let it motion capture some more photos. Lately I had been looking into these surveillance systems and monitors, and would we still be surprised of what are available now with all the gadgetry and digital systems to our safety and advantage from home security team. It’s amazing. There is also a backup battery and equipment guide from police home security handbook available for your reference.

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In everything

F For everything we should give thanks, good or bad, for if we are wise enough, we know that the hardships and pain we have at present are for our good, in the future. In everything we should give thanks, not complain in every chance you see. Those who always complain, the habitual or chronic complainers will not find contentment and peace in their hearts; I would advise to 'stop a while and take a deep breath, see the positive side of things, take time to listen and appreciate the one around you, and you will find happiness inside yourself. It is good to see the positive, and not dwell on the negative and destructive self-righteousness. All of us make mistakes, and it helps if we find understanding and acceptance from others when we stumble and fall and make mistakes, and when we need their encouragement and support the most, and not hearing any complaints.

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Repair pal

S She had just seven cracked ribs, and with that we were thankful. You see, it could have been worse, so we were glad mother-in-law was just fine after her car accident. With that many cracked ribs, the car itself sustained a lot of damage. But it was still brought for checkup if repair is practical. Of course they can repair it if they will, but they decided that she would get a new car instead, since that little car of hers was about ten years old approximately. It was time for a new one.

So we went out one hot day looking at cars best for her to drive. Mother-in-law is eighty-three years old! And after driving out several autos, she liked the Toyota Corolla better; of course she got the best for her after all.

We just hope that she won’t be involved in any accidents again, but for those who are and wanting car fixing, there is a repair pal in Illinois, it’s Chicago auto repair. Toyota Corolla is one of their repair specialties, and not just for autos, repair pals also fix and replace water pump too.

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More patience

Today I come across something worth sharing: “God's way of answering the Christian's prayer for more patience, experience, hope and love often is to put him into the furnace of affliction”
- Richard Cecil..
Isn't that the perfect answer? It may not be very pleasant experience considering what we already have been under, but the reward is so much more than we ever hoped for, and the greater our afflictions are, the 'better' is what's in store for those who are patient and persevere.

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My Favorite Professional Football Team

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

I admit, I am rather bias. As someone who lives in Massachusetts, I would have to say that my favorite professional football team is the New England Patriots. I love how this team works together. They truly act professional whenever on or off the field. They have made such a big impact on New England fans such as me.

I remember the time I saw the New England Patriots in the parade in Boston when they won the Super Bowl. It was such an honor to see all of the players, including Bill Bellicheck. Tom Brady was even a big quarter back during those times. Not only was he new to the team, but he was a miracle player. Because of him New England won the Super Bowl the past two times.

I look forward to watching New England Patriots this fall season. I hope they make it all the way to the Super Bowl again. I am anxiously waiting to see how they are going to play especially Tom Brady since he has been playing for the past few seasons. However, when I watch the New England Patriots, I watch them on satellite television. You should see how great the plays look! Nothing beats free satellite tv, not even cable.

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W We were out bowling last Friday night. It's the first we had done since I was brought here. We had a lot of fun, I was cherishing the moments that may never happen again, you know. And I will never forget it. Ah, I was used to smaller balls in Tagum Gold City bowling complex that you can hold and control by your palms, and not stick your fingers inside! But I loved grabbing them all the same.

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The Law According To USA Daytime TV Show

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Catching one of USA's detectives at work law show is like catching some of the latest trends in psychological bantering posing as law enforcement agents. These highly indoctrinated law enforcement agents who work side by side with the local prosecutors are drained of all bad bad thoughts and re indoctrinated according to the psychology of Jung and Social Marketing Systems.

Actually, another one of my favorite television shows is usa which airs at 11 in the morning on Channel 11 in our local area broadcast on cable.

On July 27, 2010, A defendant who was charged with molesting a boy named Johnathan was used by the detectives that play in usa to convict another child molester named Holt. The judges on usa are always shown as being judicious and stern. The judge sentences the molester Holt to 115 years because he molested Holt. Holt gets to walk away free because he told on Holt. The dad of the molested Johnathan gets irate that his son's molester will not be charged.

It really is fast riveting drama and usually keeps people like me watching the entire show of usa that is broken up into segments or cases.

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I I asked God for patience, but He didn't give me, He is teaching me. Breathing through my nose, and exhaling through my mouth slowly, I am trying hard to wait and endure without complain, without nagging, whining, and even speaking at all if it helps, even when you want to shout out all your resentments. Patience makes us not 'to overreact in angry, foolish and regrettable ways that never make things better'. Let's make a difference today by not saying negative and hurtful words to our loved ones, and everybody else, see it helps everyone, especially our own selves.

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Out with the old in with the new

Thanks to Roman May

There is no reason why we should be stuck in the stone age when it comes to paying our bills. It is no longer necessary that we should have to go through paper and pen calculations trying to balance our books each month. Instead, we should all move on to the digital age when it comes to dealing with paying our bills. I can speak about this because I pay all of my bills online. My friend suggested I get Wimax internet and DirecTV so that I can pay my bills online.

You read that correctly, I pay every single one of my bills online. In cases where there are bills that I might not otherwise be able to pay online (rare), then I simply switch services to a company that will allow me to pay online. You might wonder why I would bother to go through all of this trouble just to get to pay online. However, the answer is simple. By being able to pay all of my bills online, I save hours upon hours of time each month, not to mention the stress I don't have. There are even some bills that simply get paid right out of my bank account automatically without me having to give it any thought at all.

I highly recommend to all of my friends that they too should do take this route of paying their bills, because once you have it set up then it becomes simple to make your month to month plans.

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Missing my mom

I I am missing my mom so much these days. I missed the comfort of her embrace, her loving and healing hands. I missed her words of wisdom, I missed her laughter and her singing voice, and everything. I just hold my head high and blink back silent tears that I can hold, for I seem to keep recalling the times when my parents were just starting up and us growing up, and the hardships and struggles we all had to do and experience. We had overcome it all, and I know with God's help and grace, I can overcome my own, with my parents' inspiration. I just wish I am with my mom right now to have the shoulder to cry on, and with my family to sing, laugh and pray with, together. In God's perfect time, soon. And everything should be alright and settled by then.

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A After her accident, someone comes over to Ms. Alma’s house regularly for some time to monitor her vitals, including her weight, so the caregiver brought a scale with her, and left it in Alma’s house for her return. One day I was just surprised to find a scale in the middle of the rocky road! I knew it was the dog doing, though it’s a wonder he was able to carry the heavy scale to with his mouth. I knew it was her scale too. The sad thing was that it was damaged and not functioning anymore, well, after I seemed to have run over it. But glad there are affordable scales and balances of every purpose you can think of, whether it is general use, industrial, and just about every weighing instruments available at the store.

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