The Law According To USA Daytime TV Show

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Catching one of USA's detectives at work law show is like catching some of the latest trends in psychological bantering posing as law enforcement agents. These highly indoctrinated law enforcement agents who work side by side with the local prosecutors are drained of all bad bad thoughts and re indoctrinated according to the psychology of Jung and Social Marketing Systems.

Actually, another one of my favorite television shows is usa which airs at 11 in the morning on Channel 11 in our local area broadcast on cable.

On July 27, 2010, A defendant who was charged with molesting a boy named Johnathan was used by the detectives that play in usa to convict another child molester named Holt. The judges on usa are always shown as being judicious and stern. The judge sentences the molester Holt to 115 years because he molested Holt. Holt gets to walk away free because he told on Holt. The dad of the molested Johnathan gets irate that his son's molester will not be charged.

It really is fast riveting drama and usually keeps people like me watching the entire show of usa that is broken up into segments or cases.

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