My First Child

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Three years ago I found out I was pregnant and did not know the first thing about having a child. I was really excited to have my first child, but needed some information. I turned to to go online and search for everything I needed to know about my pregnancy and my first child to be. I signed up with many different websites to get updates on my pregnancy and where I should be during that particular trimester. I also joined many social networks to talk to other mothers who were pregnant with their first child, and even mothers who had much experience when it came to bearing children.

I am glad I was able to find many different resources online, from what I was supposed to be feeling, what I should eat to keep my child healthy, and even how I should feel when I go into labor. After three years I still get emails from some of these sites. They give me tips for raising my son, such as what I am supposed to do when it comes to potty training. Who would have thought that the internet would be so helpful when it came to having a baby.

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