Out with the old in with the new

Thanks to Roman May

There is no reason why we should be stuck in the stone age when it comes to paying our bills. It is no longer necessary that we should have to go through paper and pen calculations trying to balance our books each month. Instead, we should all move on to the digital age when it comes to dealing with paying our bills. I can speak about this because I pay all of my bills online. My friend suggested I get Wimax internet and DirecTV so that I can pay my bills online.

You read that correctly, I pay every single one of my bills online. In cases where there are bills that I might not otherwise be able to pay online (rare), then I simply switch services to a company that will allow me to pay online. You might wonder why I would bother to go through all of this trouble just to get to pay online. However, the answer is simple. By being able to pay all of my bills online, I save hours upon hours of time each month, not to mention the stress I don't have. There are even some bills that simply get paid right out of my bank account automatically without me having to give it any thought at all.

I highly recommend to all of my friends that they too should do take this route of paying their bills, because once you have it set up then it becomes simple to make your month to month plans.

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