Repair pal

S She had just seven cracked ribs, and with that we were thankful. You see, it could have been worse, so we were glad mother-in-law was just fine after her car accident. With that many cracked ribs, the car itself sustained a lot of damage. But it was still brought for checkup if repair is practical. Of course they can repair it if they will, but they decided that she would get a new car instead, since that little car of hers was about ten years old approximately. It was time for a new one.

So we went out one hot day looking at cars best for her to drive. Mother-in-law is eighty-three years old! And after driving out several autos, she liked the Toyota Corolla better; of course she got the best for her after all.

We just hope that she won’t be involved in any accidents again, but for those who are and wanting car fixing, there is a repair pal in Illinois, it’s Chicago auto repair. Toyota Corolla is one of their repair specialties, and not just for autos, repair pals also fix and replace water pump too.

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