Surveillance system

S Since Mr. Sam died, security video camera units have been installed around the in-laws’ premises and properties. All of those were to ‘monitor’ who has been or would be lurking around his properties and steal his stuff. The number one they expect to do the stealing was a familiar person, but since he is locked up now, that issue was eliminated, as well as the anxiety or fear of what will be. But we never know, since some people would do bad and abusive things when they find out someone just died and only an old woman, defenseless and vulnerable, is left in the house. And because of that, the sons also took care of the home surveillance system and alarm for security. She usually sleeps so sound that nothing can disturb her, but mother-in-law can rest and stay in the house more peacefully now, but of course, equally peaceful are we around her knowing she is ‘safe’.

The security cameras were equipped with a large capacity memory cards so it is still good this time, and since nothing seemed amiss, perhaps they will let it motion capture some more photos. Lately I had been looking into these surveillance systems and monitors, and would we still be surprised of what are available now with all the gadgetry and digital systems to our safety and advantage from home security team. It’s amazing. There is also a backup battery and equipment guide from police home security handbook available for your reference.

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