You put these desires in my heart; only you Lord can fulfill them. Oh that you would grant me the longings of my soul!

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NYC on the cheap

Guest post written by Britney Woods

For years I dreamed of moving to NYC and I finally did it a few weeks ago. After so many interviews, I was finally offered a job and I snatched it right up.

I save up a whole lot of money before my move and have been pretty frugal since I got here. I even looked up Wireless Internet Clear plans and got one. But that's given me a great way to look up a bunch of free stuff to do.

On Saturday me and my friends who just moved here too went exploring around the island and didn't spend any money except on our Metro cards. But we have the monthly fees paid anyway so it was practically free! We ended up going to Battery Park and took in a bunch of the sights, like the financial district, the Statue of Liberty and all the people that draw charicatures and try to sell you counterfeit designer goods.

Every Saturday I want to go sightseeing a little bit so I can take in a little more of the City that I was so determined to move to.

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Friends, in the woods

My friends and I during one of our get-together's in one pal's house. Our host brought us to their barn and finally showed us her goats and chicken that have been keeping her busy and making her go home early every time we were at someone else's house other than hers. She has the healthiest animals! It was a delight to see them.

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Befriending the competition

Guest post written by Kyle Sparks

There are certain things that I just have to get done before I go to Vegas. I normally go and buy a new button up shirt that will look really fresh to wear on my first night out. But this year I added another thing to my routine, I went and got a free hearing test Akron OH and bought some hearing aids.

I felt like they were going to give me an advantage when I was playing in the casinos and I was right. They actually helped me make some friends at the table because I was able to hear our conversation later, which led back to hearing aids. One of the men said he had bought some hearing aids San Jose CA before he came on the trip too. And the other said he had gone to miracle ear centers CT a few weeks before that and was glad he did.

After we bonded over that we had a drink at the bar and grabbed dinner together later.

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Buy.com coupons

T Today is a friend’s birthday. Her sixty-third birthday. Ah, such wonderful life. Our present for her big day is ourselves, packed in three, singing her happy day, early in the morning. I know she would cherish our gift. On the material side of things, you can get buy.com coupons for discounts on items you could give someone or yourself. Gifts, isn’t it a delight to receive one. But more gratifying is to give and make others happy.

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Colorful display

It is one of Ms. Alma's flowers that are blooming around her yard. Mother-in-law loves flowers, and most plants really. Every week when I mow her yard, I would see her blooming lovely flowers, and some weeds she pulled off earlier. Ah, it tells me it would be wonderful if we could do it together, once in a while.

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Acne cream

O Of course, it is a fact that most acne creams don’t really fight acne, and depending on a person’s conditions, others get worst. Other products don’t do anything at all. We should not believe everything that is advertised. We already got issues who need those products, right? But of course, many good and honest products are still around, and the best source for answers and solutions and what creams to heal our breakouts and even worse, acne, is your trusted dermatologist.

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M My cousin and my aunt told me three times in all that I am getting fat! Ouch! They mean really that I am gaining weight and that they’re happy for me. Oh well, going from ninety to ninety eight pounds is a lot of improvement for me, but according to my mom, it’s just about right, with few more pounds, it wont hurt. Oh well when we gain a lot of weight that is beyond what’s right for our age and build, then perhaps we should start about thinking and taking care of our health, because beyond what is normal is not good for the heart. I have heard from few people who are on the nutrisystem diet program. Does it really work? Sure, for some. If you’re planning to take control of your diet and physical health, www.nutrisystemreviews.net is an interesting read.

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Others' interests

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. ...Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." Phil. 2:3-4

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Electric fireplace

The season is changing! It seems just like yesterday that I have had the longest winter in my life, loaded with snow. It was so bitter cold. I am thankful for the electric fireplace and the heating system in such times, and for soon I would need its warmth. The company has a lot of fireplaces to choose from, satisfaction guaranteed. Ah, such a comfort for a petite and easily get cold person like me during the cold season, wherever we will be.

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Sleeping pills

I I easily get awaken by even a distant noise. In this quiet place by myself half of the times, seems my ears are more sensitive, well I have to be alert. But my mother-in-law sleeps so sound every night, isn’t that great. Well she is taking some prescribed sleeping pills for a long time now. It is good for her, getting all the sleep her brain can get when she sleeps.

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Out with friends

A good friend of mine brought me to another friend's house and introduced us. It is great to meet and know many people, especially those who are down-to-earth, funny and just being themselves. We had a lot of fun, eating, talking, dancing and laughing our lungs out. Indeed we had a great time. Our host apparently is a 'hat' fan, she got many, some even came from Philippines. They became our accessories for fun, later someone asked us, "what's with the hat?". Lol.

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Oily face

M Many people, teenagers and adults alike have oily skin. I was even one of those. I am glad it is over now; at least I am pretty good with my face, no complaints. But it is interesting to know the facts of oily face and oily skin treatments. This website is very informative, about the reasons why we have this skin condition and have advices you could check with your dermatologist.

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Acne treatments

I I’ve had breakouts from time to time, I am glad that so far, for months now, my face is clear from pimples. So I know how it feels when we have acne that we can’t get rid of, at least for a long time. There are many factors why we have breakouts or acne, well sometimes they just go, other times not, so it is necessary to take action before it will be worse and we get scars. We’ll just maintain taking care of our skin and apply what your dermatologist will advise you for best acne treatment.

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Many people

M "Many people will walk in and out of our lives,
but only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts.
Remember, everyone of us stumbles.
That is why it is better to go and walk hand in hand.
Never explain - your friends won't need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway. "

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In-law's TV

I I was so tired Thursday after a long trip from two in the morning which lasted for the whole day. I am very grateful to my friend for driving one way, and giving me company. It was not a lonely trip. We were prepared to rest for the day after we got home but there was no power. We had to wait an hour before we can get her car out of the shop. We visit mother-in-law instead during that time. We went back home after the lights come back on, but I had to go back to in-law’s house. I was so tired but I didn’t mind, she wanted to watch local TV satellite but she forgot how to operate the remote control. I was relieved when I got it working again, I could rest and she could watch her favorite shows HD or not. If you got the package from localtv-satellite.com in partnership with direct TV, you will have access to HD shows, which they call free for life, and also other programming packages at www.localtv-satellite.com.

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I kissed dating...

Goodbye. A wonderful book by Joshua Harris. He gives insight on how we should approach dating, in a better and different way that the modern dating culture. It is not 'collect and select'. Others date because everybody does, others to show the person you have had relationship with, their replacement, maybe even before the relationship was over. It is not healthy, and very selfish really. But as for me, from experience, true love waits, in the right time, the right place and in an amazing circumstance in our lives. While you wait be refined and be prepared to meet your soul mate whom you can feel an instant unbreakable connection with. Ah, isn't love the grandest thing on earth, that it motivates you to give all of your soul without conditions and reservations, inspires you from the depths of your heart to be better and worthy of him/her, where everything will be about sharing, giving, caring and loving, openness and helping the other person grow, both of you, together. After all, it is your real soul mate who will stick with you to the very end. That's why they're call "life partner", and not just for the good times.

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POS systems for small business

W When my friends and I talk, we would discuss possible business ventures. Ah, it is nice to dream, to plan and to work on it. We just need the great idea for the thing, and the organization of everything. We found some nice places for business right by the highway. The next thing to have are the POS systems including the barcode scanner, point of sale software and stuff, so everything is accurate and efficient with posguys’s durable products, for we didn’t dream of otherwise than success and profit.

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H Here I have hard time looking for my clothes size, since I am of small physique, and most in the market here are for the common people build. Some I had to bring to the seamstress. So most of the time I had to buy from the orient. Plus-size? No problem, be more sexy and fabulous with the plus size lingerie collection from the ultimate wholesalers store, no need to look elsewhere.

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M My eldest sister is back home! I am so glad she made it safe from Africa. Everybody in the family was surprised! My younger sister and me will not be back to the Philippines till middle of next year, but at least, she can hold and carry our new niece now, for us. She is so adorable little baby. I thank God for this blessing that made my parents so happy.

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Life insurance

L Like perhaps many people, I don’t have any life insurance, yet. I know one day I will have to get me one cheap term life insurance policy. How cheap, it will be up to us, as there are a lot of providers and plans to choose from, and with wholesale insurance, we get free quotes from those companies, and some other research effort, you will hit your target term.

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Pilot brother

I I am super excited for my youngest brother. He is 16, and he has just made his first flight, as a pilot that is, and yeah, real first flight. He has a student pilot license already and of course, a pilot instructor was with him on that flying session. I am so happy and proud for him, when I asked how did he felt, he was so relaxed and said that it's just like operating a computer, lol. By the way his instructor is super young too, when it was safe, he took picture of my brother up in the air. Super cool looking at the view below him. I thank God for His wonderful works. I pray they will always be safe, all of our loved ones.

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W We were in high school when my dad prepared the plan. Then I often would unroll the blueprints, of course after asking for permission, to see the details of the building, our house, to read what he was thinking, and I admit it, to know ahead, not that my siblings were very interested on bar sizes and such things. My dad has been very detailed, complete to every small element, even the design, color or type of mosaic tiles that he then so carefully and industriously put himself. He is the best dad on earth and I am so proud of his artistic abilities. In the end, the beautiful mosaic tiles were of course, so worth of all his efforts.

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I have a little obsession with the color purple, green and yellow these days. Of course top faves are red and sky blue, but sure be nice to have wardrobe color variety. Anyway, several days ago I was at the food plot and I saw this weed; it's purple! Ah, it is so lovely; days before that it was all green, until now it has not turned yellow, lol, if it ever will. If we just stop sometimes, smell the roses and all its 'cousin' flowers, take close look at every creature, you'll be amazed at just how beautifully made they are, for your eyes and heart's delight, that is, stress reliever, a natural one.

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My New Orleans adventure

Guest post written by Julie Porter

I had played around with the idea of traveling to New Orleans for a long time. Then I was devastated when Hurricane Katrina happened, for those people that suffered because of it and I was afraid that I’d never get to travel there and experience the city like I had always wanted. But this summer I finally ventured there with a few friends.

I had done plenty of research for it because I had started planning the trip years ago. Some of the highlights were shopping on Magazine Street and visiting the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. But the most fun thing was the vampire tour we went on. It was basically like any other ghost tour in a U.S. historic city, except this one was about vampires. I was glad that I had gone and to http://hearingaids.miracle-ear.com and bought some hearing aides a few months ago because my friend Clarice that went with me had a tough time hearing our tour guide talk.

We’ve already decided on the things that we’re going to see next time and want to go back in a few years.

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Yard watch

This was one of the crows that have been lurking around the house. One just wonder what is in the yard that attracts them all of a sudden, all I know is that they've been in the woods at the back of the house. If one is superstitious, he/she would try to find meaning or explanation why the black cunning birds are around, ha. Anyway I'm not.

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