Befriending the competition

Guest post written by Kyle Sparks

There are certain things that I just have to get done before I go to Vegas. I normally go and buy a new button up shirt that will look really fresh to wear on my first night out. But this year I added another thing to my routine, I went and got a free hearing test Akron OH and bought some hearing aids.

I felt like they were going to give me an advantage when I was playing in the casinos and I was right. They actually helped me make some friends at the table because I was able to hear our conversation later, which led back to hearing aids. One of the men said he had bought some hearing aids San Jose CA before he came on the trip too. And the other said he had gone to miracle ear centers CT a few weeks before that and was glad he did.

After we bonded over that we had a drink at the bar and grabbed dinner together later.

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