My New Orleans adventure

Guest post written by Julie Porter

I had played around with the idea of traveling to New Orleans for a long time. Then I was devastated when Hurricane Katrina happened, for those people that suffered because of it and I was afraid that I’d never get to travel there and experience the city like I had always wanted. But this summer I finally ventured there with a few friends.

I had done plenty of research for it because I had started planning the trip years ago. Some of the highlights were shopping on Magazine Street and visiting the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. But the most fun thing was the vampire tour we went on. It was basically like any other ghost tour in a U.S. historic city, except this one was about vampires. I was glad that I had gone and to and bought some hearing aides a few months ago because my friend Clarice that went with me had a tough time hearing our tour guide talk.

We’ve already decided on the things that we’re going to see next time and want to go back in a few years.

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