NYC on the cheap

Guest post written by Britney Woods

For years I dreamed of moving to NYC and I finally did it a few weeks ago. After so many interviews, I was finally offered a job and I snatched it right up.

I save up a whole lot of money before my move and have been pretty frugal since I got here. I even looked up Wireless Internet Clear plans and got one. But that's given me a great way to look up a bunch of free stuff to do.

On Saturday me and my friends who just moved here too went exploring around the island and didn't spend any money except on our Metro cards. But we have the monthly fees paid anyway so it was practically free! We ended up going to Battery Park and took in a bunch of the sights, like the financial district, the Statue of Liberty and all the people that draw charicatures and try to sell you counterfeit designer goods.

Every Saturday I want to go sightseeing a little bit so I can take in a little more of the City that I was so determined to move to.

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