Look at the leaves

Guest post written by Dwight Harris

This is one fo the times of the year that I really do love living in the mountains. By now this time of the year all the leaves on the trees are changing colors into all kinds of different colors of yellow, orange and reds that when I drive around my town it feels like I'm driving through a painting because everything just looks so beautiful!

I also love to take pictures of all the beautiful scenes so once all of them are all kinds of colors I take pictures of them. But this year I wanted to share them with some of my friends that live across the country in cities and don't get to see all of this. I had found ClearTVBundle.com a while back and switched over my internet service to it. So I just emailed them pictures of the pretty leaves and I got almost immediate responses with my friends telling me just how pretty they looked, which of course I knew. I guess you could say that when I do that they wished that they live where I do.

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