Rock of Love Rocks My Reality World

Contribution by Michale Greer

VH1's Rock of Love featuring Brett Michaels is definetly my favorite reality show of all time. It doesn't really matter what season it was, watching Brett Michaels smooze all the women, and the drama the girls start with eachother is just plain awesome. Especially when Daisy comes in to the picture! The competitions were fabulous, fun and sexy.

VH1's Rock of Love is reality t.v. for both men and women. It's not just another reality t.v. show. Rock of Love combines two things that guys love and that's beautiful women and rock n' roll! I wasn't always a fan of reality t.v. until I sat down and watched Rock of Love with my wife one night. I saw Brett Michaels and was like, " No way! Brett Michaels has his own reality t.v. show?", and I was hooked!

I think if the television companies made more reality shows based on rock n' roll stars, more guys would sit down and watch. Guys love beautiful women. They love rock n' roll. Most do not like reality television. Rock of Love had something for everyone and I recommend it to all especially while watching on tv service from

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