Walking in Central Park

Author: Joseph Sandoval

In the fall, I think one of my favorite activities would have to be walking along the beautiful trees in Central Park in New York. This is one of the loveliest times to walk in Central Park in New York, even inspiring the name of the movie "Autumn in New York." Autumn in New York is truly a beautiful time.

Walking along the gorgeous trees with browned leaves in autumn is a great activity for two romantics. One of the best dates can be simply grabbing a cup of hot cider and taking a walk in Central Park. Imagine the great conversations one can have walking along the gorgeous streets of Central Park. One can feel completely comfortable talking about anything being surrounded by the beauty of autumn, with a romantic interest, and a great cup of hot apple cider. I have seen some of the best dates in New York be had by two people that opted for a simple date of walking around Central Park, rather than a date such as going to some rock concert or shopping on 5th Avenue (although that is fun too!).

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