Wearing Away Team Attire

Posted by Dorian Compton

How brave are you? You might be able to tell some amazing stories of how you showed incredible courage, but unless you have ever gone to a New England Patriots game wearing New York Jets attire, you don't know bravery (excluding any military scenarios). I thought it would be cool to go to Gillette Stadium wearing my Sanchez jersey. Yeah that went over well. From the second I stepped off the train, I was bombarded by people swearing and throwing food at me. I ducked and dodged as best I could, but by the time I entered the stadium, I was filled with ketchup and mustard from head to toe. I immediately went to the bathroom to clean up. My clothes were stained, but at least I would be somewhat comfortable. Luckily, I found my way to my seats at the top of the stadium, where thousands of other Jets fans cheered for the green and white. Once there, I felt safe. However, leaving the stadium wasn't easy. Two different grown men approached me and offered to fight. I guess they were drunk. I just ignored them and made my way home. It was tough to leave my jersey on, but I did. From that day on, I decided to stick to watching the Jets-Patriots games on my satellite tv from tvbydirect. It's a lot cleaner and safer.

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