The great nut

Fresh coconut juice cure for UTI.

Oh no! Several members of my family has been sick. And just when Christmas is approaching! We don't want to be sick, if we could help it. One way is having a positive mind, that is, over matter. My pregnant sister-in-law is not well. Two year old nephew was recently released from the hospital.

My teenage cousin was also admitted to the hospital for urinary track infection and stomach ulcer. Goodness. I wish I was there to help any way I can. But she is okay now, thank God for the fresh coco nut juice from the coco tree my relatives planted on our lands long time ago. Her kidneys and urinary track has just been relieved from the infection. Yes, when you have urinary tract infection or UTI, drinking fresh coconut juice will cure it, and prevent it if you are just about to have it yet. What better cure than from nature, from plants and trees that grows in our yard, in the Philippines, the all-parts-useful coconut tree.

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Blue sky nursing scrubs

I am very proud to have two sisters who have bachelor’s degree in nursing. My eldest sister works in a missionary medical field, and my youngest sister works in pedia, in private. They are both very good in what they do. And they look great in nursing uniform scrubs!

My eldest sister brought with her several medical scrubs. Since going to the field overseas, they have doubled their patients; most just wanting to be taken care of by my sister. However, she has no trouble moving around with her surgical scrubs with the design and fit. The fabric quality is superior and the colors actually make her look beautiful and blooming. Now I am thinking of buying scrubs online as my gifts for them, and for my mom too, who also works as a health volunteer in our community. They deserve the most comfortable surgical scrubs that is why I choose blue sky scrubs for men and women.

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Giving on Christmas

It's almost Christmas time, and if I know singing of Christmas songs started on the -ber months in the Philippines. Two years ago I was there and Yuletide celebration is really the merriest Christmas around, for me. This is me giving gift to my little cousin during one of our joyous gatherings. To see the happiness in the eyes of a child is very humbling, but most of all, giving heartily especially to those who are in need is the most satisfying acts in the world.

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Burberry footwear

I have a good collection of shoes, sandals and boots. The other day I was sorting my footwear out and realized that I need some flats. I need some that are appropriate for long walks around the city and also fitting for the weather we have now. I have some shoes from Zappos and I am a testament that the brand is really very durable, dependable and of high quality footwear, true to size and one of the very comfortable shoes around. I looked at the site and sure I found one that is just what I need. The Burberry line of shoes!

My favorites are laced up or strapped weather boots so that we can easily adjust them to our cozy comfort and I found one just like it. The most important factor in buying shoes is the comfort in our feet, and when the shoes will make a statement with their fashionable design and classy look and style, then I am a go! I'm very sure I will also love this shoe, as I have liked the Zappos products, for all seasons, whether sexy high heeled shoes and sandals or flats.

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My master's canvass for the minute.

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Brother printers

O Our last printer was just couple of months old when it stopped working on me in the middle of my printing job. I was printing a very important review material that I have to get through during the weekend. You can just imagine the anxiety we felt that day, since it just broke on the very critical time. I had tried to fix it but none of us could. It was really frustrating. However, I went to town and bought a new one, hoping it would be a durable and dependable printer this time. And that’s what the quality brother printers are. I was so relieved! Anyone would be!

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Safe delivery

M My sister-in-law has been admitted to the hospital, again, for the nth time. She is pregnant. I feel for her. She is so young but has been sick since carrying hers and my brother's baby, it's kind of miserable for her. She's expecting this week, I really hope she can get over everything just fine, and safe, and for the second grandbaby in the family and she will be okay, and no complications please Lord.

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Green gift for my girlfriend

Guest post written by Brent Call

Even though I recycled before, my girlfriend has really gotten me into going green since we started dating. I guess that bad habits aren't the only kind of habits that are contagious. It's probably because we're together all the time, but she's also made some adjustments to my apartment that are more green, like replacing regular old light bulbs with more energy efficient ones.

So, for Christmas this year I really want to impress her by buying her a gift that's green that she'll love. I went online to try and find some ideas about what to get her when I saw these New York clear internet offers that looked pretty good, so I think I might sign me and my roommate up for one of them.

Then I got a really good idea to give her a green DIY gift, because that would be even more green if I took something and then changed it around instead of buying something new. What that's going to be, I'm not sure but I think that I'll figure something out.

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I donated bagful of books.

I'm off-loaded! I have been organizing my book collection and stuff, keeping the ‘keepers’ and donating the ones I have already read, even some that I have just scanned through without being read. Yes! I dropped them off the charity house that sells stuff for a cheap price, for a worthy cause. They were good reads that I have to give knowing it will enrich those who will come to get their hands on the books and their eyes on the writings. Now my things are organized, spaced reclaimed, and I feel good, and free! If you also have some clutter, or want to free some space on your shelves, try donating them to non-profit organizations or better yet, sell 'em books! There is actually a site where you can sell and even exchange media with other owners.

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How I became and Islanders Fan

Contribution by Elmo Farmer

I've always felt that my father made me the sports fan that I am today. As a young child I have great memories of sitting and watching big football games or the World Series with him. Generally the teams that I follow today are ones that I inherited from him. The one sport that doesn't hold true to is hockey.

I grew up in New York City in Queens. During football season we went to New York Giant games, during baseball season we went to Mets game and during the winter we went to Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play basketball or the Rangers play hockey. I still love all of those teams, except the Rangers. My Dad has not really forgiven me because I have abandoned the New York Rangers and now root for their rival New York Islanders.

He calls me a front runner even now all these years later but how could a kid growing up in the area not love the Islanders teams that were winning four straight Stanley Cups between 1980 and 1984? They had amazing players too; Denis Potvin, Mike Bossy, Clark Gillies, Bryan Trottier who have all made the Hall of Fame. My favorite player was Bobby Nystrom who scored in overtime when the Islanders won the first of the four Cups. Now we both live out of the New York area but we both watch the games on our satellite TV services from and call each other to fight during Rangers-Islanders games.

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A smelly drain means rain.

Indeed. Yesterday I smell that strange odor in the laundry room, and I know it was the smell running back through the pipes. That night and the whole morning the next day, we had a good heavy downpour! Blessings from above! How we need the rain for the cold but drying plants. And rains always make me sleep so soundly. What a fresh day to wake up to! Of course without the smell anymore.

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I feel so good today. Dang these past weeks it felt like I had no sleep at all, that after my nap today, feels like a mountain has been lifted off me. I don't have much pressure now, at least I am not drying my brains off anymore from lack of sleep facing the computer every night attending to something.

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Fat, burned

T They say almost the same thing, but if it is positive and true, then it is worth our time to read and learn from them. If you are planning and acting on it to lose weight, there is a review for fat burners. There must still be true products there, and when your doctor and the testimonies say it, then it is worth trying to aid your physical exercises and proper diet.

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Beautiful you

I I am so glad that gradually I am able to get rid of blackheads by using some skin care products and of course proper caring of our skin. The best thing is that by removing the blackheads or whiteheads, my pimples also gradually go away. And most of all, with these two creams that I have been using, there were no side effects at all whatsoever. Blackheads and acne are gone, and my face now feels smoother. One tip, if you think you are beautiful, in your own way, then you will feel like one and see yourself as such.

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Childhood place

We had such great fun with my sisters talking about our childhood place, in our grandparents' place in the country side. We all miss the place, and now we just laugh and sigh remembering our growing up there, memories that are still clear, our childhood adventures, every afternoon on the woodlands when we were supposed to take a nap. Each of us has different angles of memories, sometimes it is tempting to think or wish we could go back to that time of innocence and pure joy. I can still remember carrying a basket, harvesting my grannies' fruits! The place has changed so much now, but we still want to go back there, one day.

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Childhood Friends

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

When I was in my teens, I had two best friends. They were actually sisters and their names were Rachel and Gabby. We used to hang out almost every single day. We were all home schooled and our mothers liked to allow us to study and work together in school. I used to love going by their house because they had a trampoline and a hot tub. We would often bounce around on the trampoline all day and then spend the evening in the hot tub. I have a lot of good memories from my childhood because of my sisterly best friends.

As we got older, we kind of drifted apart. Our mothers no longer had anything in common and because of that, we would not get to see each other on a regular basis. I'm still somewhat in touch with the sisters though. In fact, about a month ago, I made sure to set my Adt home security alarm before I left and went to visit Rachel at her apartment in New Jersey. We still have a few things in common, but we didn't "click" like we did when we were kids. It's actually kind of sad how things can change in just a matter of years. Sometimes I wish I had my childhood back, just so I can still be close with my best friends.

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HTC Desire Z Android

I love my smart phone. It is very dependable. However we have to be smart too in case for some rare reasons they would just quit or what and you are paralyzed from there. I have made several backups especially for my contacts. Luckily, it has not broke on me all these months, it’s very durable, and the software reliable, and all apps works as they should, perfectly, especially the free navigation, superb music player and quality, FM radio, good camera, Bluetooth and wi-fi, etc. There is one phone in my list too, the htc desire hd. I like all the features and capabilities of this android, the high-def screen display, and speed. It would be one of my best gifts yet, for one lucky recipient, maybe this Christmas.

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The Fall

Autumn is beautiful, it's color-fall! It might be the Fall, but when we look upward, it is so lovely and refreshing. This is one of the scenes I will not forget for maybe for a long time. It's really pretty. All of these colorful leaves may fall, the trees be bare, but that's a promise of something real, really beautiful and full of life! I am so looking forward to it.

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An Anniversary Dinner

Guest post written by Missy Allen

Last night my husband and I had our 30th anniversary in New York City. We took a weekend getaway to see the sights and celebrate our big day in true fashion. We spent most of time in midtown and downtown. However, we made several stops in the lower east side to see a few of our old friends. When it came close to dinner time, we started walking around Times Square to see what we could find for restaurants. Many places looked good, but too many places looked cramped with long waits. We went in a few restaurants, and they were so congested and loud that we didnÕt care to stay. I had to turn down my HearingAidsbyMiracleEar almost immediately.

After walking around for over an hour we stumbled to the Olive Garden, an old favorite. The restaurant was three stories, so we space was not really an issue and it provided for a better atmosphere. Our restaurant selection may not have been high-end new york cuisine, but we were thrilled for the opportunity to great and familiar dining experience while overlooking the big city.

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My grandma's 83rd birthday!

M My sister surprised me! Or put it this way, I managed to surprise my grandma who is celebrating her 83rd birthday at church today. My sister called and put me live to greet my grandmother! They have a big lunch in church today for everybody and Nanay is so happy for that. I'm so happy that she is still so healthy. God I was so moved. How I missed them all! While sorting my stuff these weeks, I stopped and stared at the center pieces and bags that my grandmother so industriously and diligently sewed. I can't wait to see her and hug her tight when I go home next year, God willing..

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Someone say water polo in New York City?

Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

I have been interested in water polo for the last twenty years of my adult life. With the advent of the internet in the last fifteen years, it has been especially easy to find others in my area of Queens who are interested in playing the sport. The sport first caught my eye in the Olympics and now I play in an adult water polo league that features both mixed gender and separate gender leagues. Most of our matches are played at either a YMCA or one of the several universities in NYC. Before leaving for any match or practice, I make sure to set my home security alarm (Home Security Baltimore pricing). The city can be a dangerous place for possessions such as a water polo ball or two hundred dollar goggles, so I take good care of them. I have enjoyed participating in adult league water polo not only because of my love for the sport but also because of fantastic physical fitness regimen I have acquired. Swimming laps can be boring and tedious but in water polo you are constantly "changing gears" the way a point guard in basketball or a midfielder in soccer must. This type of anabolic training keeps me trim and fit for when playoffs come around. Generally the regular season lasts twelve weeks and playoffs last close to three weeks.

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I will help.

I I have mixed emotions today. Yeah it's that time. I am just glad that there is no physical pain. I miss my folks, my grandma, it's her 83rd birthday today, and the friends and important people we used to know long time ago that we have not seen in ages, funny how you miss then more just when you get in touch or hear from them after such unexpected circumstances. How I wish I am able to help them in the most effective way right now! But I promise myself, just as I have promised when I was a teenager, to help and support people who needs help. My list is long! It just crush my heart to think of their hardships and situations in life. I feel it's not gonna be any longer now.

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Law and Order is my Favorite

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

The original Law and Order has gone down in television history for its intriguing characters, unexpected plot twists and likable, relate-able characters. You would be hard pressed to find a person today that has not seen at least original episode of Law and Order. It is on television daily in re-runs after twenty years of new episodes. It is set and filmed in New York City and was created by Director Dick Wolf. This show is so easy to relate to and become enthralled in because it often takes its stories straight out of the news papers. It uses real life crimes and portrays them in a way that is interesting to the views and keeps us entertained year after year. It has gone through several different cast members over the years but the one that remains in everyones hearts and minds is Detective Lenny Briscoe played by Jerry Orbach. His signature one liners at the beginning of the show are what I have grown to look forward too. I also love that the original Law and Orders allows us to see what goes on inside the court room. It does not stop at solving the crime but follows the story out to the very end. I love watching Law and order on satellite tv from It offers such a clear picture that I never miss a minute.

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For him

I I had been preparing for this season by shopping appropriate apparel for him and me. I just want us to be warm and cozy when it’s bitter cold around, which I predict it will really be this time. I have looked at women’s clothing of my preference, and of course men's clothing too. He is choosy and picky with his stuff, and I know the clothing has to be superb in quality and well as design and appearance. I am glad he liked it, and it makes me equally glad to see him wear it.

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My needs

S Sometimes there are things that we really need in emergency, but maybe half of the time, we can't have it, not able to meet it. I guess I will have to wait for a long time before everything will be sent their way home. My package and boxes. Everything has been so overwhelming and I still have not grasped all of them maybe not until I will rest on my back. I'm so ready, so almost there!

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We heard and know so much already about exercise as the best way to lose weight and tone our muscles out, that perhaps we should start it already, once we get the hang of it by taking time and dedication, we will enjoy it too. However, this is the first time I heard about hoodia diet pills. Ask your physician about it.

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Best prenatal vitamin

My niece is in the pink of health, thankful also for the best prenatal vitamin she got while in my sister’s womb. She and grows up so fast in the first two months. Like her mommy, she is a tall girl. Also growing is my another new niece or nephew, we are excited which is it, and we are confident the baby will also be very healthy because my sister-in-law also get the same great prenatal vitamins. I am hoping for her safe delivery soon.

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That's the way

I I call my friend "beautiful" instead of her name. Though she's laughing, she insists she's not, at least not anymore, hhhaa, but I told her, "beautiful inside!". She laughed and sing "aha aha that's the ways I like it!" Why, that song has become our theme song these days! :D She is indeed a very good person I'm lucky to have as a friend I can lean on.

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The cheapest health insurance by specialists can also be the best insurance, for you know, not all costly things are good, however if you need a certain coverage that best suit your needs and budget, go for the most practical and affordable. If I am given this thing that I have been waiting for, I will have the best insurance coverage available, for me.

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Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

I have to admit that hockey is not my favorite sport. While I like and root for the San Jose Sharks, they are probably my fourth favorite team in the Bay Area. Nonetheless, there is something about watching hockey on high definition that the other sports can't seem to match in intensity. While I am not familiar with the strategic aspects of the game, when I watch Joe Thornton smash some poor fool into the glass partition I am suffused with the glee of a teenage girl who just saw Justin Bieber lick his lips. I think that in time I will learn to love hockey, and it is all thanks to my NHL Center Ice package on satellite TV.

On my high definition big screen, I am not ashamed to watch grown men skate and beat each other's brains out like rabid animals. After all, in between the violence, there is some glorious skating, as men ice dance there way across a rink and elegantly flick pucks into a net guarded by Jason Voorhees. It is just the right balance of grace, violence, and slasher horror that both me and my wife can enjoy. Truly none of the other sports can match hockey's dichotomy of strengths, and it is all the more evident when I watch these large men on ice on my high definition TV from

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My sister-in-law

I I feel for my sister-in-law. She is expecting and recently was brought to the hospital because she was not feeling good. I wish I could bear her pain so that she'll be okay and the baby won't be affected. Must be terrible she was crying silently. I can overcome them all, I just want my sister-in-law spared from sickness especially while pregnant.

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Family angel

This is our first grand angel in the family, Ms. 'Bubbles'. She looks a lot like my youngest sister when she was little. Bubbles is more cute though, lol. She is two months and 15 days old now. Soon she will have her very first cousin. We do not know yet if it is a boy or a girl. It's gonna be a surprise. Expecting parents are very exicted of course.

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Reading the Candace Bushnell libarary

Guest post written by Ella Barton

I've been a fan of Sex and the City since it premiered on TV on HBO. But so many years later, I'm just now starting to read all of her books. One of my friends gave me the book that the TV show and movies were based on for my birthday a few months ago and I started from there.

So after I finished doing that I thought it was my duty as a fan to read the rest of all of her books. When I was ordering them off line I found some info about this wireless internet service and decided to click here and go ahead and order it.

I think that now I have every Candace Bushnell book that's ever been published. I'm reading the novel Trading Up and I'm really enjoying it. It's about this actress and/or model that is so obsessed with raising in popularity in the New York City social scene and is Victoria's Secret model. But she's always looking to find someone to marry so that she can trade up for a richer partner.

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To those who feel like giving in..

No doubt it will be alright and it will all work out.

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More Birthday Fun

Guest post written by John Maits

For my 63rd birthday, my loving family brought me into the heart of Times Square for a dinner at the Hard Rock Café. It was really special because my family knows I have this thing about visiting different Hard Rocks across the country—and this was definitely next on the list! While many are stylized and very unique, this particular Hard Rock had to be one of the flashiest that I’ve attended. It’s really hard to top the glitz and glamour of New York City. I was thrilled to be able to attend this particular location.

While my family doesn’t get overly excited, I enjoy being surrounded by the music and memorabilia of my favorite classic rock artists. Going throughout the restaurant, I got to see a lot of Beatles items, and that was really fantastic to see. The experience really made me glad that I went to a week so that I would be able to really enjoy the music that they have going. In all, I had a really great birthday. I have a wonderful and thoughtful family, and they really do know me very well.

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Don't touch my mouse!

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Christmas in the Big Apple

Guest post written by Gale Witherspoon

It’s finally November and I am starting to get exciting for my favorite time of year in New York: Christmas Time. When I go out for my weekend strolls around the city, I can’t help but notice that the season is starting to change. A very brisk wind whips its way throughout the streets and I can feel that winter is emerging. I have already noticed people starting to bundle up in their gloves, scarves and heavy jackets. My favorite time of year is finally on its way, and I couldn’t be more ready to be a part of it.

While going around the city, I was able to overhear several conversations with my new HearingAidsbyMiracleEar. I heard some people talk about the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, and it reminded me that the lighting ceremony is at the end of the month. I’m definitely going to show up for the event. I also really hope that my daughter brings the grandkids to the city this year so I can show them the wonder that I’ve been experiencing all these years.

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Ang gaba di magsaba

We are accountable and responsible for everything that we do, aren't we? It's a fact of life, that we will reap what we sow, in multi fold times. If we follow Judas' footsteps and betray the person we should not by virtue of the sacred bond, in the same manner we will be betrayed one day, but more in intensity. There is a thing called karma. One way or another you will have to pay for your betrayal, habitual lying and cheating.

But to those who has been victims of these lying and cheating around, there is still so much life ahead of us, even way much much better! There are things in the world that are never meant to be, but hold on, be still faithful and know that your real soul mate is also pure and honest like you. One day you will be grateful the insecure man cheated on you, he will always lie and cheat anyway, no matter who is he with. Hold your head high, you are not guilty, be strong and take courage, smile and be prettier still. It's not our loss.

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Auto roof racks

H Hey those people who love adventures and trips around the country, rough terrain or not, if you’re looking for a company specializing in thule roof rack or Yakima roof racks whichever you decide, and any other accessories you want to come along with it, all for your trucks and carriers for adventure and fun, cracks and racks is the one. They even repair your windshield. How is that for a one-stop shop, and why not tour around and see the beauty of the country while we are free and can enjoy everything to the fullest? No time like the present.

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I I thank for my safe trip today. Goodness, I was sleepy while driving on the interstate, but of course I handled myself well, and it was raining! It was good though for we need the rain. It was quiet a while since I went out so I stopped by a good restaurant to treat myself. People can look as much as they like, but it sure feels so good to smile, even to strangers, and especially to servers who have had a long day! Do that, it might just be what someone need to make their day brighter. The benefit is both ways.

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Orlando vacation

M My Orlando vacation was one of the most unforgettable and cherished memories I had. I spent it with my friend, and her husband was so kind and accommodating for our needs, he even went with us on our theme park tours. They basically showed me around the animal kingdom park, and all attractions around. There is so much to do in Orlando, and my vacation was full and really memorable. I will always remember the beauty and fun I saw, but most of all, my friend’s and her husband’s kindness.

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