Ang gaba di magsaba

We are accountable and responsible for everything that we do, aren't we? It's a fact of life, that we will reap what we sow, in multi fold times. If we follow Judas' footsteps and betray the person we should not by virtue of the sacred bond, in the same manner we will be betrayed one day, but more in intensity. There is a thing called karma. One way or another you will have to pay for your betrayal, habitual lying and cheating.

But to those who has been victims of these lying and cheating around, there is still so much life ahead of us, even way much much better! There are things in the world that are never meant to be, but hold on, be still faithful and know that your real soul mate is also pure and honest like you. One day you will be grateful the insecure man cheated on you, he will always lie and cheat anyway, no matter who is he with. Hold your head high, you are not guilty, be strong and take courage, smile and be prettier still. It's not our loss.

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