An Anniversary Dinner

Guest post written by Missy Allen

Last night my husband and I had our 30th anniversary in New York City. We took a weekend getaway to see the sights and celebrate our big day in true fashion. We spent most of time in midtown and downtown. However, we made several stops in the lower east side to see a few of our old friends. When it came close to dinner time, we started walking around Times Square to see what we could find for restaurants. Many places looked good, but too many places looked cramped with long waits. We went in a few restaurants, and they were so congested and loud that we didnÕt care to stay. I had to turn down my HearingAidsbyMiracleEar almost immediately.

After walking around for over an hour we stumbled to the Olive Garden, an old favorite. The restaurant was three stories, so we space was not really an issue and it provided for a better atmosphere. Our restaurant selection may not have been high-end new york cuisine, but we were thrilled for the opportunity to great and familiar dining experience while overlooking the big city.

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