Green gift for my girlfriend

Guest post written by Brent Call

Even though I recycled before, my girlfriend has really gotten me into going green since we started dating. I guess that bad habits aren't the only kind of habits that are contagious. It's probably because we're together all the time, but she's also made some adjustments to my apartment that are more green, like replacing regular old light bulbs with more energy efficient ones.

So, for Christmas this year I really want to impress her by buying her a gift that's green that she'll love. I went online to try and find some ideas about what to get her when I saw these New York clear internet offers that looked pretty good, so I think I might sign me and my roommate up for one of them.

Then I got a really good idea to give her a green DIY gift, because that would be even more green if I took something and then changed it around instead of buying something new. What that's going to be, I'm not sure but I think that I'll figure something out.

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