Law and Order is my Favorite

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

The original Law and Order has gone down in television history for its intriguing characters, unexpected plot twists and likable, relate-able characters. You would be hard pressed to find a person today that has not seen at least original episode of Law and Order. It is on television daily in re-runs after twenty years of new episodes. It is set and filmed in New York City and was created by Director Dick Wolf. This show is so easy to relate to and become enthralled in because it often takes its stories straight out of the news papers. It uses real life crimes and portrays them in a way that is interesting to the views and keeps us entertained year after year. It has gone through several different cast members over the years but the one that remains in everyones hearts and minds is Detective Lenny Briscoe played by Jerry Orbach. His signature one liners at the beginning of the show are what I have grown to look forward too. I also love that the original Law and Orders allows us to see what goes on inside the court room. It does not stop at solving the crime but follows the story out to the very end. I love watching Law and order on satellite tv from It offers such a clear picture that I never miss a minute.

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