Reading the Candace Bushnell libarary

Guest post written by Ella Barton

I've been a fan of Sex and the City since it premiered on TV on HBO. But so many years later, I'm just now starting to read all of her books. One of my friends gave me the book that the TV show and movies were based on for my birthday a few months ago and I started from there.

So after I finished doing that I thought it was my duty as a fan to read the rest of all of her books. When I was ordering them off line I found some info about this wireless internet service and decided to click here and go ahead and order it.

I think that now I have every Candace Bushnell book that's ever been published. I'm reading the novel Trading Up and I'm really enjoying it. It's about this actress and/or model that is so obsessed with raising in popularity in the New York City social scene and is Victoria's Secret model. But she's always looking to find someone to marry so that she can trade up for a richer partner.

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