Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

I have to admit that hockey is not my favorite sport. While I like and root for the San Jose Sharks, they are probably my fourth favorite team in the Bay Area. Nonetheless, there is something about watching hockey on high definition that the other sports can't seem to match in intensity. While I am not familiar with the strategic aspects of the game, when I watch Joe Thornton smash some poor fool into the glass partition I am suffused with the glee of a teenage girl who just saw Justin Bieber lick his lips. I think that in time I will learn to love hockey, and it is all thanks to my NHL Center Ice package on satellite TV.

On my high definition big screen, I am not ashamed to watch grown men skate and beat each other's brains out like rabid animals. After all, in between the violence, there is some glorious skating, as men ice dance there way across a rink and elegantly flick pucks into a net guarded by Jason Voorhees. It is just the right balance of grace, violence, and slasher horror that both me and my wife can enjoy. Truly none of the other sports can match hockey's dichotomy of strengths, and it is all the more evident when I watch these large men on ice on my high definition TV from

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