Baby's First NYC

Guest post written by Audrey Simpson

This past weekend, my daughter Jenna brought our lovely grandson Jeffrey to New York. He is now a little toddler, and he's as happy as a lark. They have never brought Jeffery to the city before, so arriving so close to Times Square left a strong impression on the little one. We met them for lunch at the Olive Garden, and our grandson was so well behaved, it was great to spend time with everyone again. I was wearing my new Hearing Aids by Miracle Ear, and I was grateful to clearly hear everyone again.

After lunch, everyone really wanted to see all of the famous New York Christmas displays, so we took our family to Fifth Avenue. My husband pointed out everything and took us Rockefeller center to see the big tree and all the decorations. Our family was pretty blown away by what we saw. Little Jeffrey was in awe, and his father held him high on his shoulders so that he could see above the crowd. My husband and I were so happy to have our family for the weekend and share some of New York with them. We can't wait till they come back for Christmas day.

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