High quality VGA cables

I have decided to go for it! Our community has asked me to make a video of myself only since I am alone at the moment, and send message to them, as a supporter or primary sponsor of the ministry there. Soon they will celebrate Thanksgiving and one feature is our “video messages” from us members abroad. A lot of people, whom I know and even I do not know, will see it, and I want to make a one big shot at this so there are no embarrassments. :D That means I have to take a high quality video and a nice message. We always want to make our best, don't we?

This is my project for today, and of course I have to review it before I will send the video through email. One thing I am thankful for with regards to this is having high quality vga cables. Everything is at the right timing. You can get the video and audio vga cables with no sales tax at av-cables.net! I just got my new digital video camera/camcorder a couple of months back, and now I'm about to make full use of the vga cables, in a high resolution video message for thanksgiving. There could be no better first use than that, I think.

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