Nativity set from my pottery class

Guest post written by Lana Rice

A few months ago I finally got the guts to do something that I had wanted to do for a really long time, (I'm talking years). I signed up for a pottery class! I had always thought that it sounded so fun and would be a great way to relieve stress and it is.

During the last class, the teacher told us that this week she was going to have us start working on something holidays-related. So I went online to try and find some ideas for what I could make. As I was looking up that stuff I found this site and after I read through it a bit, I ordered one of the internet packages from it.

Well, the idea that I've decided on is to make a pottery nativity set. I think that it would be a really neat gift to give to my parents for Christmas that they can keep and put up for many holiday seasons to come. I just hope that I'm actually going to be able to have it ready in time to give it to them.

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