New York City Wedding

This guest post from Daryl Glass

Lucas and Shelby Wright's wedding was one of the best weddings I have ever attended. It was located at Central Park in New York City, and ten of my close friends flew from Florida and stayed for over a week so we could check out the city after Lucas and Shelby left for their honeymoon. At the airport in Florida we all questioned each other about setting our home security alarm system (ADT Home Security prices)s. Everyone sat theirs so we knew our homes would be safe while we were gone.

Once we got to the New York City we were blown away with how the big the city was and were so excited about seeing Lucas and Shelby get married. Shelby looked beautiful in her dress and and three of us girls were her bridesmaids and we all wore dark blue dresses. I must admit we all looked rather amazing too.

After the wedding ceremony we all went to a local church for their reception and watched Lucas and Shelby open their gifts. I think they were very pleased with the gifts they received and they could not get over how many people had bought them something.

Us girls enjoyed checking out the city, and we are super excited about hopefully attending more weddings in New York City in the future.

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