New York City holiday

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

We have a small house in Queens that we have not been able to sell since the economic downturn. Rather than be displeased about it and complain all night and day, we figured we could take a small vacation from St. Paul. The City has been our home away from home ever since we won the lottery in 1995. The money has been well invested and this house has been our only net loss. I am not willing to cut and run yet and the house has been a good launching pad for our holiday experience in the Big Apple.

Before we left our house in St. Paul, we set our home security alarm with adt alarm monitoring. The New York Knicks have been on a tear with Amare in the lineup and we couldn't miss a single game. We have watched two so far and the crowd is electric. The whole city wants these guys to win. Before we head back home we want to spend some time with Jim and Theresa. Perhaps they would be willing to host us for Christmas dinner. Suzy hopes so and I think I will make the call tomorrow. For now we want to visit the old sights in Queens and have some authentic Italian food. The best place to spend the holidays is in New York City. I love it here!

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