Thanks for the springin'

We really are enjoying the great weather this week. And it's not even officially spring season yet. We just love the warmth and the 'freedom' it gives us, in terms of the clothes we wear, working outside, or even strolling. My friend was cleaning up her little garden today, great weather outside, following my 'tip' on how to better do it. It looks much better now, as also is our life now.

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Osteoarthritis symptoms

My new friend works in home/health care field. She is taking care of not-so-old man but who has osteoarthritis symptoms, like intense pain, swelling among others. We feel for him, he feels pain; he has no family to turn to or who could be on his side. But I am happy because he is under loving Filipino caregivers, so he is well taken care of. We take care of them like they are members of our own family. Which reminds me that my dad had arthritis before and thankfully after treatment and watching his diet, it never came back to give him pain. We have been so relieved. has the latest medical information on osteoarthritis, of this degenerative joint disease that is extremely excruciating. It is a very helpful medical resource not just for osteoarthritis and symptoms, but a lot of more of conditions and treatments and all information associated with them. Our first front in dealing with our medical conditions is knowledge. Know all you can, I have learned a lot too.

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Slim9 weight loss

My hostess has observed that she has gained weight recently. She had lost several pounds a few months ago. So I encouraged her to eat only the healthy food and not eat a lot or too much, for both of us really, and that we can also exercise together, for her to see how fun it would be. She is taking some weight loss pills and so far she is content with it looking slim.

This past week I didn’t have much appetite, which is really good, for I only need to eat what my body needs, to regain my slim shape. I have also gained few pounds here, not just my hostess. With weight loss discipline, we can always get back or be at the ideal weight for our age and height. See how can help with your goal.

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Wedding flowers

In a month’s time we will be attending a relative’s wedding. Why am I so excited! We already have the wedding invitations, the venue has been reserved, pretty much everything really including the arrangement details, the music, the lots of food that we have been discussing, and of course the flowers. There are great Toledo wedding florists that the future bride has contacted with the assistance of the maid of honor and the maids who also looked for the best wedding florists in Toledo . So perfect, beautiful and colorful for this wonderful and unforgettable day.

I would be singing a wedding song, a really beautiful love song that honors our creator, the author of love. Isn’t it so awesome? And what better way to illustrate it than to spread the beauty of wedding flowers Toledo to prepare the path for the future loving married couple?

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