Osteoarthritis symptoms

My new friend works in home/health care field. She is taking care of not-so-old man but who has osteoarthritis symptoms, like intense pain, swelling among others. We feel for him, he feels pain; he has no family to turn to or who could be on his side. But I am happy because he is under loving Filipino caregivers, so he is well taken care of. We take care of them like they are members of our own family. Which reminds me that my dad had arthritis before and thankfully after treatment and watching his diet, it never came back to give him pain. We have been so relieved.

Healthline.com has the latest medical information on osteoarthritis, of this degenerative joint disease that is extremely excruciating. It is a very helpful medical resource not just for osteoarthritis and symptoms, but a lot of more of conditions and treatments and all information associated with them. Our first front in dealing with our medical conditions is knowledge. Know all you can, I have learned a lot too.

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