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Though my hubby has a stable job and we received enough for our family still he wants and dreamed for a long time to have his own business where he’s the boss, owner of his time, no pressure and more time for the family. Every night we kept on talking about our future plans and putting up a business is in the top. We made a lot of local search in the internet to have some ideas on how to start up and manage business and we came across in local yellowpages ads.

We usually had our family bonding during weekend, we go out, have a picnic especially now that our baby is started to learn walking. How nice to spend quality time with the family. No work to think. Sometimes when we felt lazy to cook for a meal, we just go to our favorite local restaurants to eat. One thing also why we kept on going back there again and again aside from delicious food they offered is that they really comply the government sanitary standard which is the most important.

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Secure your Home

Physiologic needs must be meet and the need to survive in the earth like the food, clothing and shelter. This three must go on together. In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs physiologic is the number one and followed by safety and security. 

Talking of home security shannon each one must be watchful and vigilant enough to some people may take advantage from us such us thieves and robbers. A lot of company now are having a safety camera to record every single transaction and for easy tracking of events. Localtv-Satellite.com offers a large coverage of channels and a good way of entertaining ourselves especially this time of crisis.

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Ear piercing

Most of the time people mistakenly identify my daughter as boy but it’s a girl by nature. Maybe because of her hair and body figure but baby’s look changes from time to time. So I think about putting earrings to her so no one ask me if it is a boy anymore. Just Yesterday I had my daughter ear pierced at the mall though I can’t bear to see her crying because of pain. At first she cried so hard but eventually forgets the sting and pain of the pierce. At nine months my baby now has a beautiful red color earring that shines out and fit to her angelic face.

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The price is Gold

We have a lot of natural resources here in my country and gold bullion is one. Only if the government supports its movement and provide capital it could be good way of combating the decreasing economy. Rich natural elements can be found in many different places that can be use in making bullion and many will buy bullion and buy gold bullion products. This kind of work is very prone to accident like landslide. A month ago, landslide killed a lot of people in one of landmine where many people are hammering inside of the tunnel and found no way out so they were buried alive. In fact, three of our church members also were victims.. But even how dangerous the work may be, still many wants to go because of the fact that the worth of gold IRA today became higher as the years goes by and they will earn big out of it to feed their families. 

Lot of investors from foreign countries have been finances and became successful with their gold mining businesses. I love collecting gold and this can be a good investment each one must have for the value of it still increases in the years to come.

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Thankful for today

Home at last! Our two days vacation in Cebu was really worth spending. We have so much to thank for. First, my sister’s interview was successful. She was hired by the employer and will be working in Singapore airport; already working her papers now. What an opportunity. Second, we arrived home safe throughout our travel. Third, my first airplane ride was also successful! Ha!  I felt so nervous and tense in my first fly, mixed emotion of fear and excitement. It went all well though. There are so much to be thankful for in everyday of our lives we just don’t notice and recognize some of it but God is really working in a way we can’t imagine.

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A good storage

Kitchen plays a very important function in the house in such a way that this is where we prepare our foods and others. Foods must be cleanly prepared to avoid microorganisms to mutate and may affects our health. One of the problems here in our house is that we don’t have a spice rack. Spices must have their own storage and must not be placed anywhere in the kitchen. But we already planned to buy spice racks from the Mall’s display. We also think that wall spice rack is much better for it allows easy access and it will just hang on the wall. I just couldn’t wait to have kitchen spice racks here in the house so we could put label in each kind of spices and be placed to its proper storage. To make our kitchen attractive and clean.

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The hope for tomorrow

As part of our clinical requirements, we’re exposed to a Rehabilitation Center and Mental hospital. The experience was quite different from our hospital duties. At first it seems that my heart is crushing seeing them not in their own selves. Even some patients are not being visited by their family and loved ones. They felt left alone. They need care and understanding. I was assigned to handle a fifteen year old girl who was admitted due to drug and alcohol addiction. In her history, she has a broken family and they are all seven children and she doesn’t know where the others are. She was just influenced by her peer that’s why she tried using drugs to escape some problems of her life. The hospital also noticed the growing teen drug rehab admissions.
It all starts in the family. They don’t feel the love and care of their parents so they find a way to divert those feelings.

So good that there are rehabilitations that would help them go back to their selves and make a good new start. They have Teen Treatment Programs specializes for teenagers who went to a wrong direction. The government must disseminate Teen abuse information to all young people to make them aware and make some activities to shift their minds out of drugs and other addictives. For it is said that 'the youth of today is the hope for tomorrow'.

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Trip to Cebu

Done packing and is very excited for tomorrow’s trip. This is my first time to go to Cebu and first time to ride an airplane. He! I prepared my things a head of time to make sure to bring all important things especially my baby’s apparel. The most very reason of our trip is my sister’s interview. Whatever the result will be we know it is His will. Ta, Good luck.

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OR times

During the course of my training in the Operating room I learned to anticipate with the need of the surgeons during actual operation. There are some surgeon that they will not say anything they will just open their hand and it’s up to you what instrument to give, just by seeing the sequence of the operation, nurses already know what it is and when you give the wrong one the surgeon may throw it. I believe everything can be learned when tried or when doing repeatedly.

I bought a lot of pairs of
nurse uniforms and supplies to wear everyday. Since my fav color is pink, my most favorite is the pink scrub. One of my OR friend is really very particular with the latest style of scrub suit so he searched in the internet like in http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/ and copy the style and let the tailor make it for him. What a nice idea. I just love my OR experience and I have so much more to say about it.

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Continious Education

I really believe that learning is an unending process. There’s no end in learning and we got it from our daily life experience that would somehow lead us into a better person. It’s true that experience is the best teacher. Everyone is unique and there are many things that we knew that the other doesn’t and others also has many things knew that we don’t know. 

Even though I have already a professional I want to pursue more by enrolling in Online University since I don’t have enough time to go to school, online courses are really my choice. A friend of mine already got her master’s in Nursing but I want to get the online degree program in public health. A year ago I was given a chance to work in a government and the special program of the President which was the Nurse Assigned in Rural service. I really enjoyed my work as a public health nurse. I’ve been to very far places where the health care facilities are inaccessible to reach so we reached out for them. It is really my burden to serve the public. What’s nice in this site is that they also providing aid http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ so it is not so hard for me to apply. 

God bless my plans and desire to continue my education for it is my dream to have an online degree for better professional growth.

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House Removal

Even in the middle of summer in our country particularly in our place is experiencing heavy rains nowadays. It’s always been our problem every time it will rain heavily because of the small river behind where our house is located at will get overflow and when it will overflow the water will reach until in our patio. Everyone in the family agreed to move to other place. We got a beautiful place to transfer already a bit far from our present house.

It is very hassle and tiring for us to move because we have plenty of things to prepare and pack-from the furniture, house equipments to small stuff. We are thinking of just to hire professional house removers to take charge of everything in moving our things on our behalf. It would be a very great help for us in moving since everyone in the house are too busy with our jobs and could not leave our work due to work demand. Everyone are can’t wait to live in our new house though it would be another adjustment for us to the new environment and to the new people we will meet.

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All about names

My cousin delivered her third baby yesterday evening. She texted me in the morning that she had the signs of giving birth already. She told me that she didn’t choose any name of her baby boy yet. She was planning to give him name “Elijah” but she was hesitant for she wanted to name the baby with the name that starts with letter “K” same with her two kids. I’ve searched names online but I was late. You can Check out this site to find the perfect baby name at how to find the perfect name for your precious newborn baby.
The Doctor asked her the name of the baby already and let her sign the baby’s birth certificate right after she gave birth. She was was shivering while signing coz she was still in pain and so tired from her labor. The services provided in public hospitals are really different compare to the private one. In public, no one can enter in the labor’s room to give at least comfort to the patients, no watcher is allowed in the ward and there is a visitor’s hour while in private hospital all is allowed.  But anyway, we understand the public hospital’s policy that their aim is just to serve the public accordingly and smoothly. We thank God that my cousin delivered her baby boy safe. She gave the baby a name “Ryle Gabrielle.” What a lovely name, lovely as the baby.


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Online games

Generation of yesterday is very different from today in terms of games to play. In my time we even don’t know how to use the computer but now can you imagine that the five year old boy already knows how to operate computers? That’s the effect of the so called high technology years. Many people are now engaging to online games especially the teenage young people. It has a big impact to them to the point that they did not already pay attention with their studies. This is good only if played in moderation and with the guidance of the parents of course for those still minors.

I have known one friend in the US who’s really fond of playing Online Casinos for USA players He’s working in the casino in Las Vegas for many years and enjoying what he’s doing. According to him he played during pastime or during off days as one way of keeping himself busy. He even knows and updated with some Poker Sites USA and was playing in the
Best US Poker Sites.

As long as we have self limit and discipline playing online games won’t really be a problem.

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It's picnic time

I am very much excited to go with some of my relatives to my uncle’s farm next week to do some picnic. It will be a big fun especially we are the family who really love to laugh out loud. For sure it will be a good bonding moment for us. My uncle promise to dewater his fish pond by using industrial pumps for us and we will catch fishes then after we will harvest some fruits and vegetables. What an exciting day it will be. I’m looking forward to it.

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Blue Monday: What a Closet!

Smell old and dusty. The two things right away came up to me when I opened my closet. It was locked from the day I left my country to work until I came back home after two years. I did a make over of my closet. I removed everything inside and cleaned and organized it. After cleaning I washed and ironed my clothes. What a tiring day that was for me. Atlast, for two days I made it. Now my closet is very clean, organized and smells so good. I love it!

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A heart of gold

I love buying gold because aside of I can use it as an ornament for myself; I can sell it also in times of crisis. Day by day the gold price are more becoming expensive and it is a good idea for me to make it as an investment. The gold prices rate would be more-or-less immediate settlement; it depends on how the buyer and the seller agreed on the deal. I bought gold few years back and I sold it just previously with the price more than how much I bought it. This is how price of gold  is increasing so fast

In gold trading business, it is very much important to check the gold spot to know the best place where you can have good market. As gold traders you should know the common set of rules and standards regarding how to trade gold to professional gold dealers to get more business. And of course, you should have an attractive pricing of your spot gold by dealing high volume on low margins to attract buyers.

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Knowledge is Power

 We were very much proud and happy when our older sister have passed the Nursing licensure board exam 10 years ago. She is the first one who got profession in our family and in the clan neither. She got a work in a prestige Maternity Clinic here in our place right after she passed the exam.  Few months of working my sister felt like to change her career into teaching so she took up medical teaching course. And her effort was not wasted for due to her excellent performance at work her Boss promoted her as a supervisor. In connection with her promotion were more task and more responsibilities. She began to teach international intern nurses and midwives in the clinic.

Despite of her stressful and tiring work she took up medical management course to enhance her leadership, management and competency in the field of her work. She is a very hard working and dedicated staff and she is the one who don’t want to stop learning. Her Boss validated her performance by giving her consultant interview course and they got amazed of the result so her Boss give her new responsibility then to train new teachers in the clinic. And it made her took up another course teach the teacher course coz for her more knowledge is more power.

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A friend's Wedding

May 07, 2011 was a big day for my friend Jenny but a bad day for me. I travelled 2 hours by a non-air bus with three of my other friends to attend Jen's wedding whom we didn’t see for many years already. I didn’t expect that Jen’s house was that far. The weather was so extremely hot and the bus every now and then kept “stop & go” to pick up some other passengers. I was not really comfortable with that trip. I felt dizzy and I vomited and unluckily dysmenorrhea attacked me. The wedding started at 9:00am and we reached at the venue at 01:00pm. Everything was finished from the ceremony to the reception. We just went to Jen’s house and eat then and an hour later we left. I reached home so tired and with severe headache. But I’m happy that I saw and met Jen again. Best wishes for her.

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Shop the best diets

Every woman are dreaming of a beautiful body but unfortunately there are some woman born fat or becoming fat and some of them want to make their bodies slim and beautiful. There are many methods on how to become slim nowadays; it could be done through “diet and exercise, or by Science and technology-such as “liposuction and weight loss pills.”

Still “diet and exercise” are the best and natural ways of losing weight but some women are not succeeding on it because some couldn’t control to eat their favorite foods, some get busy in the office that they could not exercise regularly so they need help. If you want to lose your weight faster and is cheaper you can take weight loss pills aside of diet & exercise.  There are best weight loss pills that will help you in losing weight. In this way, you will be happy with the effective result having a healthy and beautiful body and mind.

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camouflage lingerie

I dreamed that I got wed last night. It was a romantic sunset beach wedding. The beach was so beautiful with crystal clear blue water sparkling from the golden rays of the sun, with lavish surroundings filled with all white flowers and decorations. My wedding gown was so elegant and beautiful. A very soft and romantic music filled my heart with so much love while I was walking in the aisle, while my husband could not explain the joy he felt seeing me coming to him. The wedding ended with opening of the gifts. The best gift that we have received was the camouflage lingerie, was just so perfect for honeymoon.

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Blue Monday: Heartily for me

Knock...knock! The sound woke me up in the middle of my sleep yesterday late noon. It was an air cargo box from a friend abroad heartily sent to me. I get surprised and excited though he already told me once that he will gonna send something for me which I just ignored. What a very huge stuff toy (the biggest ever that I have received), and some of his clothes that never been used to give to anyone whoever will like it. What a nice and branded clothes. Everyone was so happy and thankful to God for his kind heart. May God will continue to bless his heart’s desire to continue do good unto men. Thank you so much, Tanuj Peter. Your reward awaits for you in heaven.

The blue thing is in the background.Happy blue Monday!
Smiling Sally

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Online degree program

I remember my professor in college when she told us before that she finished her master’s degree course through online degree programs. She got married right after she graduated in college and became the mother of three kids. Her children made her busy that she couldn’t leave home and go to the university to study for master’s degree until she came to know about online education. She stayed home and studied online and she got her Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree. Amazing!

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A Drive For the Kids

Guest post written by Jon Benton

My wife and I drove from New York to see our grandchildren in Tennessee. The trip was definitely an interesting one, and I wondered if we were ever going to get there at timesÉmy wife wanted to make a great number of stops and turn the drive into a sightseeing opportunity! Personally, I was just more concerned about getting there. Additionally, my wife wanted to get some hearing aids, so she set up an appointment with a Hearing testing center in KY, of all places. Getting her hearing corrected was certainly an important thing, but why she scheduled the appointment then, IÕll never know.
When we finally reached Tennessee on the next day after our sightseeing trip, I was really glad. After a great number of months, I finally got to see my son and my beautiful granddaughters. My wife and I got settled into the local hotel shortly after, and then we drove back to spend some quality time with our family. It was such a great feeling to be back together again. WeÕve made a number of trips to Tennessee, and they are always amazing. This past trip was no exception!

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Making my business green

Guest post written by Mallory Brooks

My accounting business is a pretty small one, but I got really inspired by an article I read in a business magazine a few weeks ago to give my office a green makeover. Every little bit makes a big environmental impact and it wouldn't hurt if I found some ways to cut my business costs while I'm at it.

I went online to find some other resources for tips on how to make an office green and while I was looking online I came across the website http://www.shopelectricityratestexas.com. I hadn't really thought about switching over our energy plan in an attempt to be more green, but after I read through that I thought that it would be a good! way to do that and cut our costs.

I also bought a big supply of energy efficient light bulbs that I'm going to use for all of our light fixtures in the office. But I think my hardest step to having a green office will be using less paper. I love to keep paper files and am going to reorganize my digital files so I'll have to print less.

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Meeting old Friends

It feels so great to get reconnected with four of my old friends for over eight years we lost in touch right after our graduation. Just last week we met up in our house. We had too much fun chit-chatting, reminiscing our funny moments, our good times and bad times at school. We enjoyed too much talking and laughing it seems we were still the same simply a students. How time went so fast? All of them have their own families and kids already and everyone got to share their own different stories of their married lives. After having of too much fun, we ate dinner together and then took pictures. I was so happy and thankful for the precious time we shared. Meeting them was a blast.

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It's all about life insurance

In this world today, it’s very hard for us to choose which life insurance company is the best of the best as they are all offer almost same terms and services. In this case, rates matters most.  Check some quotes it will help you decide which life insurance to be chose by giving comparison of the top life insurance company’s rates. Be wise! Choose the best that will not hurt your pocket.

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Desktop Matters

Our family has just invested a commercial lot near at the School and we are planning of putting up a business over there. We think of internet café business would be good and in demand as we are all familiar with the importance of the computers in most aspects of our daily lives nowadays - at work, school and at home. Computers play a vital role in all internet café business that is why we will make sure that all the desktops to be used are all originals so that it will work properly and will not easily get damaged for the profit of the business and to provide accurate and long lasting service to the customers. We decided then to buy only at trusted desktops store like Ordinateurs. They offer all types and kinds of originals and latest models desktops.

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