All about names

My cousin delivered her third baby yesterday evening. She texted me in the morning that she had the signs of giving birth already. She told me that she didn’t choose any name of her baby boy yet. She was planning to give him name “Elijah” but she was hesitant for she wanted to name the baby with the name that starts with letter “K” same with her two kids. I’ve searched names online but I was late. You can Check out this site to find the perfect baby name at how to find the perfect name for your precious newborn baby.
The Doctor asked her the name of the baby already and let her sign the baby’s birth certificate right after she gave birth. She was was shivering while signing coz she was still in pain and so tired from her labor. The services provided in public hospitals are really different compare to the private one. In public, no one can enter in the labor’s room to give at least comfort to the patients, no watcher is allowed in the ward and there is a visitor’s hour while in private hospital all is allowed.  But anyway, we understand the public hospital’s policy that their aim is just to serve the public accordingly and smoothly. We thank God that my cousin delivered her baby boy safe. She gave the baby a name “Ryle Gabrielle.” What a lovely name, lovely as the baby.


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