A Drive For the Kids

Guest post written by Jon Benton

My wife and I drove from New York to see our grandchildren in Tennessee. The trip was definitely an interesting one, and I wondered if we were ever going to get there at timesÉmy wife wanted to make a great number of stops and turn the drive into a sightseeing opportunity! Personally, I was just more concerned about getting there. Additionally, my wife wanted to get some hearing aids, so she set up an appointment with a Hearing testing center in KY, of all places. Getting her hearing corrected was certainly an important thing, but why she scheduled the appointment then, IÕll never know.
When we finally reached Tennessee on the next day after our sightseeing trip, I was really glad. After a great number of months, I finally got to see my son and my beautiful granddaughters. My wife and I got settled into the local hotel shortly after, and then we drove back to spend some quality time with our family. It was such a great feeling to be back together again. WeÕve made a number of trips to Tennessee, and they are always amazing. This past trip was no exception!

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