A friend's Wedding

May 07, 2011 was a big day for my friend Jenny but a bad day for me. I travelled 2 hours by a non-air bus with three of my other friends to attend Jen's wedding whom we didn’t see for many years already. I didn’t expect that Jen’s house was that far. The weather was so extremely hot and the bus every now and then kept “stop & go” to pick up some other passengers. I was not really comfortable with that trip. I felt dizzy and I vomited and unluckily dysmenorrhea attacked me. The wedding started at 9:00am and we reached at the venue at 01:00pm. Everything was finished from the ceremony to the reception. We just went to Jen’s house and eat then and an hour later we left. I reached home so tired and with severe headache. But I’m happy that I saw and met Jen again. Best wishes for her.

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