The hope for tomorrow

As part of our clinical requirements, we’re exposed to a Rehabilitation Center and Mental hospital. The experience was quite different from our hospital duties. At first it seems that my heart is crushing seeing them not in their own selves. Even some patients are not being visited by their family and loved ones. They felt left alone. They need care and understanding. I was assigned to handle a fifteen year old girl who was admitted due to drug and alcohol addiction. In her history, she has a broken family and they are all seven children and she doesn’t know where the others are. She was just influenced by her peer that’s why she tried using drugs to escape some problems of her life. The hospital also noticed the growing teen drug rehab admissions.
It all starts in the family. They don’t feel the love and care of their parents so they find a way to divert those feelings.

So good that there are rehabilitations that would help them go back to their selves and make a good new start. They have Teen Treatment Programs specializes for teenagers who went to a wrong direction. The government must disseminate Teen abuse information to all young people to make them aware and make some activities to shift their minds out of drugs and other addictives. For it is said that 'the youth of today is the hope for tomorrow'.

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