Continious Education

I really believe that learning is an unending process. There’s no end in learning and we got it from our daily life experience that would somehow lead us into a better person. It’s true that experience is the best teacher. Everyone is unique and there are many things that we knew that the other doesn’t and others also has many things knew that we don’t know. 

Even though I have already a professional I want to pursue more by enrolling in Online University since I don’t have enough time to go to school, online courses are really my choice. A friend of mine already got her master’s in Nursing but I want to get the online degree program in public health. A year ago I was given a chance to work in a government and the special program of the President which was the Nurse Assigned in Rural service. I really enjoyed my work as a public health nurse. I’ve been to very far places where the health care facilities are inaccessible to reach so we reached out for them. It is really my burden to serve the public. What’s nice in this site is that they also providing aid so it is not so hard for me to apply. 

God bless my plans and desire to continue my education for it is my dream to have an online degree for better professional growth.

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