Knowledge is Power

 We were very much proud and happy when our older sister have passed the Nursing licensure board exam 10 years ago. She is the first one who got profession in our family and in the clan neither. She got a work in a prestige Maternity Clinic here in our place right after she passed the exam.  Few months of working my sister felt like to change her career into teaching so she took up medical teaching course. And her effort was not wasted for due to her excellent performance at work her Boss promoted her as a supervisor. In connection with her promotion were more task and more responsibilities. She began to teach international intern nurses and midwives in the clinic.

Despite of her stressful and tiring work she took up medical management course to enhance her leadership, management and competency in the field of her work. She is a very hard working and dedicated staff and she is the one who don’t want to stop learning. Her Boss validated her performance by giving her consultant interview course and they got amazed of the result so her Boss give her new responsibility then to train new teachers in the clinic. And it made her took up another course teach the teacher course coz for her more knowledge is more power.

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