Local search

Though my hubby has a stable job and we received enough for our family still he wants and dreamed for a long time to have his own business where he’s the boss, owner of his time, no pressure and more time for the family. Every night we kept on talking about our future plans and putting up a business is in the top. We made a lot of local search in the internet to have some ideas on how to start up and manage business and we came across in local yellowpages ads.

We usually had our family bonding during weekend, we go out, have a picnic especially now that our baby is started to learn walking. How nice to spend quality time with the family. No work to think. Sometimes when we felt lazy to cook for a meal, we just go to our favorite local restaurants to eat. One thing also why we kept on going back there again and again aside from delicious food they offered is that they really comply the government sanitary standard which is the most important.

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