Making my business green

Guest post written by Mallory Brooks

My accounting business is a pretty small one, but I got really inspired by an article I read in a business magazine a few weeks ago to give my office a green makeover. Every little bit makes a big environmental impact and it wouldn't hurt if I found some ways to cut my business costs while I'm at it.

I went online to find some other resources for tips on how to make an office green and while I was looking online I came across the website I hadn't really thought about switching over our energy plan in an attempt to be more green, but after I read through that I thought that it would be a good! way to do that and cut our costs.

I also bought a big supply of energy efficient light bulbs that I'm going to use for all of our light fixtures in the office. But I think my hardest step to having a green office will be using less paper. I love to keep paper files and am going to reorganize my digital files so I'll have to print less.

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