Take a look

It is always good to take a look to some of my old pictures it made me reminisce the past and guess what I caught myself smiling and teary eyed too. Different pictures has different stories in the background, some are happy moments, sad and even difficult situations. Only pictures can go back me into my old life. I just love watching my old and dark past. Now everything are new and this may become past sooner in my life as I continue striving in this changing world.

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Health and Wellness

I am very conscious with my Health and Body figure like my mom. When I feel I am gaining weight I right away do exercise and diet just then. I don’t know anything about diet so I surfed in the net gathering information about it then I came across with the Health Directory. It was so helpful; they are giving lots of information and advice regarding health concerns. I learned a lot from them and was following the healthy way of diet.

There are lots of Health and Wellness Directory that we can check. Just like how I found Gym Center nearby in our place thru fitness Directory. I just realize I have to do regular exercise to maintain my body figure and of course to remain healthy in and out. Everyone who noticed and appreciated my healthy and sexy body, I always encouraged them to do the same thing as what I did. Their life would be so beautiful and will keep them away to the doctors.

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Today is the day

Today is our 2nd wedding Anniversary with my hubby. We already reached the second year of our relationship as husband and wife though there are still some adjustments due to differences. I am so much blessed and happy with my life knowing that he is always there beside me and our little daughter. It is always good to have someone to talk to and who will stick to you in times of problems and during the time when you are down and lonely. 

Thankful to God for allowing all this things happened and for giving me a husband who understands me for who I am. I just realized I slowly have some things I wish him to give me before when we are still girlfriend and boyfriend. He is true to his promises to give me those things as long as he can. I just wish we could celebrate our 3rd anniversary somewhere in Europe for a memorable vacation. I pray that we’ll become sweeter as the years go by. Happy anniversary gang. I love you.

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Online selling

I am very happy to found a site which will help me in starting up a business with good business proposal and offers, the specialty merchandise corp. A company who is ideal for those people who got confused on what good business to start that will really click in today's modern world. They have a lot and different kinds of smc products that can be bought on their smc wholesale prices a very good and affordable. 

Online selling is very easy and fast since a lot of people surfing the net for the purpose of buying, researching and a lot more thereby promoting products exposure and be known to the public. Online shopping also is a hassle free for the customer where no need to fall in line in the cashier just to pay the chosen items. However, a little care is needed when shopping over the internet. Always be on guard and make sure to know the company first  before paying in order not to be deceived.

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Visiting In-laws

Just arrived from a 2 days vacation from my hubby’s hometown; we are happy to meet my in-laws again after many months of not seeing them. It happens that it was their hometown’s day so our arrival is just fit for the celebration. Many people were present to witness the different games and events. We enjoyed watching female swimming competition in their big river which the flow of water was very strong because of the rainy season. The contestant needs to go across the river and strive against the flow of the water current which was very hard to do. Only two survived in the end and only one declared as winner.

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Online business

Online way of trading is much easier and most of the business minded people succeed in this area. It is because of the growing scope of what we called online world. We cannot measure the power of the internet and the influence it gives to the people. Almost all can be found online and in just one click you’ll be connected to the world. More and more people are engaged in this way of inquiry, search and getting information especially the current event and situation of our present world.

There is company that would help us in term of making our online business easy and faster like website hosting- this will optimize the search engine therefore promoting more online visitor use as prospect in growing up the business. If you are confused and have some doubt, they also have hosting guide. There are still many things to learn in order to run a business online successfully and it needs proper study and considerations. Each must hire an expert to help in making the business successful.

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Back home again

My sister has just arrived home from Africa. She traveled for 19 hours travel including stop-overs. She just took her vacation 3 months ago but then her company advised her to leave the country for the meantime for safety reason due to “significant” progress on South and North Sudan separation. Thanks God she arrived home safe and sound. We are happy to have her back with us. Hope love and peace will prevail here on Earth.

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The Father's love

Last week we celebrated the father’s day to give tributes to all great fathers and acknowledging their hard work and contribution as the head of the family. It falls on Sunday; in the church my hubby speaks about the Father’s love. He illustrated a lots of example on how big is the love of our earthly father can give. The prodigal son in the Bible demonstrated about the father who's heart is longing. Even how his son gassed his money, walked away and live a happy life with his friends still he’s longing for his son’s return. That’s a perfect example of the father’s love for his children like Jesus Christ. He died on the cross because of His great love for the people. He shed his blood and suffered a lot. No one could ever do what Jesus did and He offered Jesus Christ to the world that who so ever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Ponder upon this.

Talks about father, I just want to appreciate my father’s workmanship and everything he has done for our family. We are so proud for him as our father. He got so many skills and talent in fact he’s the one made our house plan and design. He did great job by putting combination of glass and marble which really looks so elegant and give so much beauty and attraction. Aside from this he’s very good in painting also. His sacrifices cannot be forgotten. Happy father’s day papa, we love you.

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House Makeover

When I came home from abroad for few years, I have found our house was becoming old. Paints faded, some things got broken, and bathroom and sink are becoming rusty and so much more. I wanted our house to look nice and beautiful again so I made a house makeover. We repainted the house, fixed the things needed to be fixed and replaced the sink with undermount stainless steel sinks. Our house becomes new and everything inside looks more elegant.

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Father's Special Day!

Today is a special day to all dads. I am very lucky to have a father who is so loving, responsible and hardworking Dad. He did everything just to give us a better lives, better future. Being the head of the family, the provider and disciplinarian is not really easy. This morning, I wanted to hug and kiss my dad to show how much I love and respect him and how much I care and thankful for him. But since it is sound so awkward for me to do it as I, we are not used to it, I just sent my dad a text message and he replied. I thank God for him. I am praying for him good health always, love, joy and peace and more heart to serve God. Love you, Papa.

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Give me a lift

I just remember before my grandmother died few years back, she got stroke and few years she was lying in bed. It was so difficult for us to see her in her condition. We couldn't do anything but to give our tender loving care and prayers. We knew how hard she was going through that’s why we gave her handicap pool lifts to make her feel better and a little bit comfortable atleast. Through it we were able to bring her out in the house to see the world again which brought her back to life. It made things lighter and easier for us as well.

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Parents love

My father has just retired this month. He worked hard for us for 24 years of service in an Electric Company here in our City. Because of him we survive in this world that full of crisis. He was able to feed us, sent to School and got us our own house. Those are only few things he hath done for us. Now some of us have graduated in college and got a professional license and are now working. My mom played a very big role in our achievements as well. Aside of doing all the budgeting in our family, she’s our source of strength, courage and our eye opener. She gave us too much love and moral support in everything we do.

Even though my mom got hard time budgeting my father’s salary but still she was able to manage it. Without our knowledge she was able to get us insurances, florida medicare and little investments. My mom thinks nothing but our future only. To have parents like them is a blessing. We are lucky enough that they are our parents, who are so loving, caring and responsible one. They made our future looks so bright. And that is what we are so grateful and thankful for to God to have them in our lives.

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I got so excited when I heard that there will be a lunar eclipse to happen last two nights. I love to watch the sky and take pictures. It was so interesting to capture that lunar eclipse for it was a rare and special one. It's was the longest and the darkest lunar eclipse ever happened in the century. It made the moon red. Unfortunately, I did not able to see and capture that wonderful lunar eclipse. Our local TV news broadcasted that the total eclipse will occur at around 01:00am. I got up at 01:30am but the moon was just so normal but then I came to know in the very morning that it occurred at 03:30am. I get so disappointed.

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Value increases

We are planning to visit my hubby’s hometown next week. It’s been a long time since our last visit there. I love the place for its quiet and peaceful vicinity and a friendly atmosphere. It’s far from the city proper but really a nice place to stay. The place is really rich and blessed with many natural elements and minerals that can be found in the deepest part of the earth like the gold 401k, it is below sea level. Really precious gems are hard to find, many miners risking their lives just to get a 401k gold in their hands. Many tunnels was created for the said operations and mining companies offering jobs for the less fortunate individuals. No wonder that mining is the main sources as a way of living of the most people lived there.

As time passed by the worth of gold IRA increases and a good investment one must take. I still remember the price of IRA gold before now it doubled and has made a big impact to local, national and even international industry by trading. There’s a gold IRA transfer from time to time and the value of it will still increases more in the years to come.

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One of human Physiologic needs

Twice a month we always go out for dinner with my family. It’s our usual doing very 15th days and end of a month. That’s the time we received my hubby’s salary. It’s a good time for us also to explore and to taste good but not expensive foods in our favorite restaurants around the city.

Restaurants are really a good business to put up since eating is one of the human physiologic needs. Therefore there’s always a demand for people to come to eat and restaurant is the right place to go for hungry individuals. It’s a very convenient because you don’t need to cook for your own anymore. But eating at home is much cheaper than eating outside though.

Cooking is one of my hubby’s hobbies. He loves to cook and in fairness he’s really good in this area. He makes my stomach full every time causing me to gain weight. Ha! It’s his long time dream to put up our own restaurant and he’ll be the chef. But of course we need to consider a lot of things first before engaging into this kind of business. First, the place/location must be near and easily accessible but less competition to other eatery. Second, the restaurant equipment and supplies must be ready and refrigeration and freezer is always included in the package for the drinks. This equipments can be found in  Tiger Chef. Third, it must comply and meet the government sanitary standard and proper food handling and preparation is highly recommended for safety and to get the customer’s loyalty.

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As she turns 1

My Precious baby’s birthday is only two months away and I and the whole family are so very excited for that big birthday celebration as she turns 1. Being as the first grand in the family we make sure to give her a best and memorable birthday ever. That’s the time also that we will dedicate her for the Lord, acknowledging that we are not the owner of our daughter but only steward of the life God entrusted to us. Praise God for His miraculous and marvelous works.

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Illegal fishing

The Philippine Police and Military have arrested 122 Vietnamese aboard for illegal fishing in our water territory last Monday in the island of Palawan. This is the largest number of Vietnamese who have ever been caught. They were using the Philippine flag in their boat to wave so that Philippine authority will not recognize them that they were from other country. The authority have found hidden Vietnamese flag, course gps, and some other equipments for fishing in their boat. The Philippine government will charged them a case for illegal entry and illegal fishing.

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Nurse- Entrepreneur

I really admired my colleague who found her luck in the business field. She became a nurse-entrepreneur and went to different country already to promote her product, The Herbalife. She uses her public speaking skills and convincing power to be successful in her chosen field of career. Because of her great approach to life she already reaches the pedestal of her dream to be a successful businesswoman.
She became then a Herbalife Distributor in her hometown and recruited a lot of people lined up with her. She and her whole family dedicated their lives fully in this product in fact they became known, earned a lot and already invested many things. She’s one of many Herbalife Distributors around the world with great testimonial on how they started the business.

What I want in herbalife is their slimming products. They burn fat naturally and effectively. Truly it works! I’ve known a lot of people have already uses and can testify how this product changed their outlook in life. Herbalife Cebu is the nearest distributor in my place.

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Waiting for my time

Many are the plans of a man’s heart but still God’s purpose will prevail. This topic was our Sunday’s school lesson last Sunday taught us all about planning. And I want to share it to you. Whatever our plans will be it should be inclined to God’s will. Before making plans make sure to consult it to God first. God didn’t make us a robot, we still have our own will and decision but we are liable for our own action. God commanded us to submit to Him in all we do and He will make our plan succeed. 

The topic was really fit for me. Sometimes I got so impatient and not yielding myself to Him. I am still waiting for God’s perfect timing. I have so many plans in life; plan to have a stable job and able to practice my profession as a nurse. God teaches me to be more humble and patient enough to wait for my time. I can’t deny sometimes I pity myself and maybe blamed myself for getting married early but I believe what happened in my life was included in His entire plan. I never regret even a single for I really love what I have now; a responsible husband and a very lovely daughter.

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Medical assistance

There are many unexpected event and circumstances we may experience in our daily life. As long as we are ready and brave enough to face it. No not one has no problem and God designed it to mold us and sharpen us into a better person. Its part of our growing us and it’s up to us how we behave and react to it. We must just understand that everything happens is with a purpose and all things work together for good. We may not fully understand what’s really trying to make us but later on we can say that ‘Thank you Lord for letting me experience difficulty’, a preparation for us for a greater problem to come. 

Personally I just had a problem with my baby’s health. I just hope for a negative result in her lab next week. She’s too young to have primary complex. When it comes to my baby, I’ll do everything for her, my energy, my life. That is why it is important to have a Medicare coverage like florida medicare which offers a lot of medical benefits to assist us in times of need. This may lighten our burden especially when it terms to hospital bill.

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Toothbrush after eating candies

As early as six month my baby’s two teeth started to appear at the upper front then a month later another two teeth appeared at the lower front part. Most teeth come in pair. Teething varies from one baby to another. Some don’t even have a tooth until reach 1 year old. Now my baby turned 9 months and just yesterday I noticed that another 4 teeth starts to erupt in my baby’s gum, that point I understand and realized why my baby got so irritated this past few weeks, has low grade fever, often cries and wants to be carried always. I just need to be more patient and give more attention for my baby especially this time.

I will take good care of my baby’s teeth; I should be strict in term of tooth brushing even in her very young age. I will train her to brush her teeth every time specially after eating candies to drain out bad element that stays causing plaque and tartar build up. Teeth play a very important role and function and it is also a front line and the one people first see from us when we are talking. It gives beauty and confident.

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Conserve energy

We can help conserving energy by doing the basic like not opening the fridge door constantly and switching off electrical equipments when not in use. This will also avoid fire especially when leaving wires unplugged. Electrical supply nowadays experiencing some shortage due to lot of consumers and just limited source. We must help our mother earth by simply helping conserve energy in our own little way.

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Sleepless nights

I used to have a late sleep this week its like insomnia strikes me. I am easily gets awake even just a small noise I heard from outside, easily disrupted and going back to sleep has been a very big problem to me. My mind was pre occupied with the work I am doing lately. I think I need some break to relax and take it easy. I just don’t want to leave my work undone. 

Because of lack of sleep I noticed that Acne and dark circle around my eyes starts to appear and I really hate to see it in the mirror. I wish I could kick them out. This really bothers me that’s’ why I am searching over the internet how to get rid of these very annoying condition and I am so lucky to find Murad Coupon Codes for they offer big promo and discount of their products just by entering the codes they provide. I am very interested to avail of the promo for I want to restore my skin Resurgence and glow. They promised to give the better result and give youthful effect.

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We have been searching for any business opportunity we could have and invest for the near future. Since we have noticed that the one with business is usually the one succeed in life in term of financial stability. Deciding what kind of business to put up is a major decision each must consider, get the advantages and disadvantages may come along the way. We are now in the modern days where high technology is being used to run a business more easily and successfully. 

Upon searching the internet I came across in this site 
http://www.blueglobalmedia.com and have learned about e-commerce industry. It is a good mode of business considering that there are millions of people surfing the net every day so the probability of business to grow is very high. They accept Affiliate network in which helping the publisher or advertisers to promote and gain more costumers online therefore making business in demand. One of the services they offer is Affiliate payday loan. This is a give and take way and helping each other to succeed in the field of business carrier.

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Daily bread

Bible reading and meditation made easy and convenient for us since we have installed e-sword software in our laptop. It is composed of the Bible, Bible commentary, daily devotional guide, prayer and dictionary and a lot more. We had the chance to burn it from hubby’s workmate who is also a Pastor. I just forgot to copy this to my sister’s laptop before she leaved for Africa maybe next time when she comes back.

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Beauty is in You

I was texted by my cousin in my mobile phone telling me if I am willing to be a Skin Care Products dealer. It’s sounds interesting to me since I can avail for my own use. I just replied to her better if we talk in personal so she can explain to me all about it and I can have more knowledge about the products. Due to her hectic schedule she came after two days with the product with her of course.We did some trial and make over with our own and we find it very nice and effective.

Selling beauty products is easy for me since I have a lot of friends who are fond in using such products. It just perfect for my best friend’s concern about acne, she has some acne in her face that kept on coming back and she’s looking for the best Acne Products that would really solve her problem.

As we grow old our skin may lost its tone and elasticity that may cause sagging and loosening especially in the face area and Age spots also starts to appear that's why we need a beauty products to prevent aging and to make us feel young and beautiful.

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Invest wisely

One of my cousins got many investments in life; house and lot that are made of marble and with very nice interior designs, apartment, stores and many vacant lands with title. She made this all because of her hard work and great approach to life. I can say that her life is much abundant now and able to enjoy God’s blessing more. Truly God blesses persistent people. It is very important to have an investment because money will just go like a wind if we will not invest it to something.

They moved to other country many years ago and only the care taker is left and held responsible in everything. Their houses became old and dusty for no one lives it in there, when they come back for a vacation I’m sure they really need the TERRAZZO RESTORATION AVENTURA which also specialized in MARBLE CLEANING SERVICES MIAMI In order to restore and see the difference between before and after having the service. 

My family also is planning to have business in the near future using my father’s retirement benefits. He wants to invest his money wisely and allocate funds accordingly. Planning is vital in making business; consider a lot of things before entering and engaging into any kinds of endow job. Many investors have failed in their chosen field because of lack and inappropriate planning.

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The second year

Our second wedding anniversary is less than 3 weeks away and we have discussed what can be a nice idea we could do to make our anniversary a special and memorable one. But for me I would love if we can celebrate it in a highland area with overlooking and like to go for zip-line, after that we can go for a beach and stay there overnight.  How exciting that would be.

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Movie Lover

Having a job is very much fulfilling. I was just very lucky to be included in the President’s work program for the unemployed registered nurse the Nurse Assigned in Rural Services. The first thing that came out into my mind after receiving my first salary was that buying a Portable DVD. It is a good way of entertainment watching movies during past time and a good way of having the family together.

My brother is a movie lover; collecting movie tape is his hobby in fact he has already hundreds of tape with him arranged depending to what the story is. In his incoming birthday I want to buy him a Blu ray Ripper and a Blu ray Burner since he got difficulty sometimes converting some of the movies into different conversion. He is also planning to burn all his tape in order to earn out of it and this will be a great help to him. I know he will be happy enough to receive my special gift. He will now enjoy more watching movies with many new features added.

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Web Hosting

The most easy and accessible way of advertising a company, business, organization or even individual nowadays is through internet. We all know that internet is one of the fastest and famous means of communication these days. It is a global system or network connecting millions of people around the world.

There are lots of reliable and trusted advertising companies online that offer web hosting services. They will help increase exposure and access to your company, business or whatever you wanted to be advertised and make known to the public. Most of the people now are using internet as a gigantic library, everything they wanted to know and search they just click it online and it will give them best information results. If you wanted to make an  advertisements make sure to take a review first of which web hosting companies is the best for you.

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Philippine Flag

I feel so happy and proud today when I saw our Flag hanging on top of the entrance gate in one of the famous Malls in our place. The Mall makes flag display in commemoration and in the same time reminding people of our coming Independence Day on June 12.

I researched online to refresh and to gain more knowledge of our Independence Day history. Oh gosh, I got shame to myself. I just came to know base on historical fact that our flag was made in Hongkong by Mrs. Marcela MariƱo de Agoncillo and our independence day was actually June 4 but was changed to June 12 by Diosdado Macapagal- the President during that time. In his address on the first June 12 Independence Day, He said: 

“In the discharge of my responsibility as President of the Republic, I moved the observance of the anniversary of our independence to this day because a nation is born into freedom on the day when such a people, moulded into a nation by the process of cultural evolution and a sense of oneness born of common struggle and suffering, announces to the world that it asserts its natural right to liberty and is ready to defend it with blood, life, and honor.” 

President Kennedy was among the first to extend the congratulations of the United States to the Filipino people in celebrating our freedom. We thanked God our country born into freedom for now 113 years.

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They owe credit

Last month the Grace Veracity Choir or GBC, a group of choir in our church was invited to sing in Things to Come Mission (TCM) National Convention. The venue of the convention was 45 minutes away by plane from our place. Some members of the group didn’t have money for the plane tickets. The whole group helped each other so that they can go altogether to the convention because if one of the members from the group could not go then the group will be paralyzed. My sister and my mother were one of the choir members. They shouldered some of the expenses for the plane tickets and what a blessing in disguise my sister just got her credit card to The Credit People and some members purchased tickets using it. My sister never thought that the entire ticket amount would reach thousands of pesos. 

My sister got a problem with her credit card then; she could not use it for a while so she went to a trusted credit repair service and everything was fixed. If you have problem with your credit card make sure to Repair Your Bad Credit to the right agent only, to make sure that they can really help you to your credit problem and to be sure that your money is safe.

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Let's do some sports

I like sports even sports don’t like me :). I remember in my secondary school how our faculty wanted us to get involved in sports. They wanted to help us to develop self confidence, improve health and well being, greater social interaction and etc. And also their main goal is to keep us away from drug addictions and any bad habits and be a responsible and a better person.

I have noticed that many people just bet on sports rather than to play. Just last month Manny Pacuiao won in the famous world boxing championship. He defeated Mosley. Millions of people have watched and bet in the said event. Sports betting like Boxing and Hockey don't sound that good for me coz some people just rely on getting money in this way instead of working hard and making sports as fun. In whatsoever what matters is that we know how to limit and discipline ourselves in everything we do.

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Again it's Sunday!

I went to the Church again this morning and I thanked God for the nice weather today. It's just neutral. We encountered bad weather since a month already, extremely hot in the afternoon and raining in the evening. The worship service was successful and I’m thankful I was able to meet and had fellowship with our co-believers in Christ again. I just pray that our church will be completely done very soon. Still our church until now is under construction and still we need financial support in finishing it. God will provide, I know.

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Herbal Life

Every people are taking medicines to prevent or cure diseases, for health, foods supplements and so much more. But are we taking the right medicines, the one that will help and not will harm instead? Many health experts said that herbal medicines are better than artificial one. It has natural and more effected ingredients that will give best result to our body with no side effects. There are many companies offer different kinds of herbal products today like Herbalife.

There are lots of Herbalife Distributors anywhere in the world and I’m glad I found Herbalife Distributor nearest in my place- Herbalife Cebu. It is good to be wiser today as everything in this world becoming more costly. Getting sick is now very expensive so the only best way to save and be safe is as what the saying goes “prevention is better than cure.” We just have to discipline ourselves and change our daily life style, eat only healthy foods,diet and do regular exercise then we are keeping ourselves away with the medicines.

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Fair treatment

We stayed in one of the prestige Hotels while we’re on vacation  at Cebu city for two days. We really like the services we received, very hospitable. We were satisfied with what we paid. They have a free breakfast and we used to have our lunch and dinner at the fine Restaurants. During at night we like to stay in the hotel Coffee Shops to relax. There are a lot of tourist spots and very nice scenic view also which added to the city’s highlights.

One manager of the said hotel was a gay. Truly gays are very skillful and smart. He treated us very good and gave us discounts. I have one friend who’s a gay also and now one of the best nursing teachers in his school. We can’t deny the facts the most gay are being discriminated with other people because they are different but they are still normal trying to live happily in this world. I am not judging them though they don’t have my thumbs but I do appreciate them. They have the right to be treated as human also.

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Birthday Party!

My family treated our relatives and some of the co-church members for a beach party. It was my sister and father's birthday. The weather was hot and was suddenly raining but just for a while. Everyone was happy and enjoyed swimming. We roasted one big pig, made a tuna fish salad, cook a calderatang kambing (goat), served some desserts and etc. We are thankful for God's continuous faithfulness, blessings, and good health He gave to them, for the whole family for the entire year.
Good luck, good health and God bless you King and Queen of the party! Many more birthdays to come.

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Dark Circle

Everyday at work I got so tired and stress. Even if I’m at home already still my mind was in my work. My face looks so haggard and my eyes surrounded with dark circles already. It is now my big worries on how to get rid  of this dark circle. I'm glad I came accross to this website http://www.dark-circles.org, the solution to my problem. I found good products for dark circles. I will try it and hope it will work.

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Scrub suits

I went to hospital last month to visit my cousin who was just delivered her baby. The hospital is very clean and organized. And as usual I enjoyed watching the staff in their neat and stylish uniforms. Usually hospital uniform is color white but some of the staff is using different colors and style of scrub suits in the name of fashion which is also in today.

My sister is a nurse and is currently working abroad right now. When she took vacation she bought a scrub tops and scrub pants in one of Malls here in our place. She  brought it in Africa where she work and was get disappointed with it because she found the quality was not good. It was easily get damaged and the textile was hot, so uncomfortable to wear. She checked online for the best and good scrub suits. She came across to this website http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/. She found lots of good quality and beautiful designs of scrub suits.  My sister said she will be wiser in buying scrub suits next time to make sure that it is comfortable and good quality one.

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Fall in line pls!

Me, my sister and my niece just came from Davao City. We travelled one hour and half by bus from our place to take my medical exam for my employment abroad and to renew my sister’s nurse professional license. Both in the clinic and Professional Regulation Commission office or (PRC) we were keep falling in a long line. It was so annoying to know that our country is lack of high tech machines and equipments to make things easier and faster so that people don’t need to come at dawn started standing and falling in a long line especially to someone with baby. But atlast, we did it. All was done and we went back home.

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