They owe credit

Last month the Grace Veracity Choir or GBC, a group of choir in our church was invited to sing in Things to Come Mission (TCM) National Convention. The venue of the convention was 45 minutes away by plane from our place. Some members of the group didn’t have money for the plane tickets. The whole group helped each other so that they can go altogether to the convention because if one of the members from the group could not go then the group will be paralyzed. My sister and my mother were one of the choir members. They shouldered some of the expenses for the plane tickets and what a blessing in disguise my sister just got her credit card to The Credit People and some members purchased tickets using it. My sister never thought that the entire ticket amount would reach thousands of pesos. 

My sister got a problem with her credit card then; she could not use it for a while so she went to a trusted credit repair service and everything was fixed. If you have problem with your credit card make sure to Repair Your Bad Credit to the right agent only, to make sure that they can really help you to your credit problem and to be sure that your money is safe.

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