Fair treatment

We stayed in one of the prestige Hotels while we’re on vacation  at Cebu city for two days. We really like the services we received, very hospitable. We were satisfied with what we paid. They have a free breakfast and we used to have our lunch and dinner at the fine Restaurants. During at night we like to stay in the hotel Coffee Shops to relax. There are a lot of tourist spots and very nice scenic view also which added to the city’s highlights.

One manager of the said hotel was a gay. Truly gays are very skillful and smart. He treated us very good and gave us discounts. I have one friend who’s a gay also and now one of the best nursing teachers in his school. We can’t deny the facts the most gay are being discriminated with other people because they are different but they are still normal trying to live happily in this world. I am not judging them though they don’t have my thumbs but I do appreciate them. They have the right to be treated as human also.

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