The Father's love

Last week we celebrated the father’s day to give tributes to all great fathers and acknowledging their hard work and contribution as the head of the family. It falls on Sunday; in the church my hubby speaks about the Father’s love. He illustrated a lots of example on how big is the love of our earthly father can give. The prodigal son in the Bible demonstrated about the father who's heart is longing. Even how his son gassed his money, walked away and live a happy life with his friends still he’s longing for his son’s return. That’s a perfect example of the father’s love for his children like Jesus Christ. He died on the cross because of His great love for the people. He shed his blood and suffered a lot. No one could ever do what Jesus did and He offered Jesus Christ to the world that who so ever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Ponder upon this.

Talks about father, I just want to appreciate my father’s workmanship and everything he has done for our family. We are so proud for him as our father. He got so many skills and talent in fact he’s the one made our house plan and design. He did great job by putting combination of glass and marble which really looks so elegant and give so much beauty and attraction. Aside from this he’s very good in painting also. His sacrifices cannot be forgotten. Happy father’s day papa, we love you.

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