Gift of love

There are lots of different occasions in our family these days. I was so busy and tired since last week for non-stop parties. The whole relatives went to my uncle’s farm last week and we did fishing and harvesting some fruits and vegetables. It was fun and nice bonding for us but so tiring for we drove an hour to an uneven rough road before we reached to my uncle's place. And few days later we celebrated my father and sister’s birthday. We made a party at the beach. As common tradition we are giving gifts to the birthday celebrants. I get confused what gifts I am going to give to my father and sister. I wanted it to be simple but unique and different from each other. I found two promotional products that I liked so much to give to them.

I gave my father a t-shirt with logo and quotes. He got so happy though it’s very simple because he got an idea to use printed shits for his campaign and advertisements on the forthcoming election. He is currently a village counselor and is planning to run in the same position again. And to my sister, I gave her a customized bags. She liked the design and style so much. She said it’s perfect for travel with her baby because it’s quite big and spacious; all her baby’s stuff will fit in.

I received a very nice customized mug in my friend's wedding as their souvenir. If you want to buy giveaways, gifts and promo products for your events to advertise or promote your company, organization or business try to visit They have lots of promotional products and items to be sold and nice advertisement to expose your products.

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