Movie Lover

Having a job is very much fulfilling. I was just very lucky to be included in the President’s work program for the unemployed registered nurse the Nurse Assigned in Rural Services. The first thing that came out into my mind after receiving my first salary was that buying a Portable DVD. It is a good way of entertainment watching movies during past time and a good way of having the family together.

My brother is a movie lover; collecting movie tape is his hobby in fact he has already hundreds of tape with him arranged depending to what the story is. In his incoming birthday I want to buy him a Blu ray Ripper and a Blu ray Burner since he got difficulty sometimes converting some of the movies into different conversion. He is also planning to burn all his tape in order to earn out of it and this will be a great help to him. I know he will be happy enough to receive my special gift. He will now enjoy more watching movies with many new features added.

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