Nurse- Entrepreneur

I really admired my colleague who found her luck in the business field. She became a nurse-entrepreneur and went to different country already to promote her product, The Herbalife. She uses her public speaking skills and convincing power to be successful in her chosen field of career. Because of her great approach to life she already reaches the pedestal of her dream to be a successful businesswoman.
She became then a Herbalife Distributor in her hometown and recruited a lot of people lined up with her. She and her whole family dedicated their lives fully in this product in fact they became known, earned a lot and already invested many things. She’s one of many Herbalife Distributors around the world with great testimonial on how they started the business.

What I want in herbalife is their slimming products. They burn fat naturally and effectively. Truly it works! I’ve known a lot of people have already uses and can testify how this product changed their outlook in life. Herbalife Cebu is the nearest distributor in my place.

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