One of human Physiologic needs

Twice a month we always go out for dinner with my family. It’s our usual doing very 15th days and end of a month. That’s the time we received my hubby’s salary. It’s a good time for us also to explore and to taste good but not expensive foods in our favorite restaurants around the city.

Restaurants are really a good business to put up since eating is one of the human physiologic needs. Therefore there’s always a demand for people to come to eat and restaurant is the right place to go for hungry individuals. It’s a very convenient because you don’t need to cook for your own anymore. But eating at home is much cheaper than eating outside though.

Cooking is one of my hubby’s hobbies. He loves to cook and in fairness he’s really good in this area. He makes my stomach full every time causing me to gain weight. Ha! It’s his long time dream to put up our own restaurant and he’ll be the chef. But of course we need to consider a lot of things first before engaging into this kind of business. First, the place/location must be near and easily accessible but less competition to other eatery. Second, the restaurant equipment and supplies must be ready and refrigeration and freezer is always included in the package for the drinks. This equipments can be found in  Tiger Chef. Third, it must comply and meet the government sanitary standard and proper food handling and preparation is highly recommended for safety and to get the customer’s loyalty.

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