Parents love

My father has just retired this month. He worked hard for us for 24 years of service in an Electric Company here in our City. Because of him we survive in this world that full of crisis. He was able to feed us, sent to School and got us our own house. Those are only few things he hath done for us. Now some of us have graduated in college and got a professional license and are now working. My mom played a very big role in our achievements as well. Aside of doing all the budgeting in our family, she’s our source of strength, courage and our eye opener. She gave us too much love and moral support in everything we do.

Even though my mom got hard time budgeting my father’s salary but still she was able to manage it. Without our knowledge she was able to get us insurances, florida medicare and little investments. My mom thinks nothing but our future only. To have parents like them is a blessing. We are lucky enough that they are our parents, who are so loving, caring and responsible one. They made our future looks so bright. And that is what we are so grateful and thankful for to God to have them in our lives.

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