Medical assistance

There are many unexpected event and circumstances we may experience in our daily life. As long as we are ready and brave enough to face it. No not one has no problem and God designed it to mold us and sharpen us into a better person. Its part of our growing us and it’s up to us how we behave and react to it. We must just understand that everything happens is with a purpose and all things work together for good. We may not fully understand what’s really trying to make us but later on we can say that ‘Thank you Lord for letting me experience difficulty’, a preparation for us for a greater problem to come. 

Personally I just had a problem with my baby’s health. I just hope for a negative result in her lab next week. She’s too young to have primary complex. When it comes to my baby, I’ll do everything for her, my energy, my life. That is why it is important to have a Medicare coverage like florida medicare which offers a lot of medical benefits to assist us in times of need. This may lighten our burden especially when it terms to hospital bill.

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