Today is the day

Today is our 2nd wedding Anniversary with my hubby. We already reached the second year of our relationship as husband and wife though there are still some adjustments due to differences. I am so much blessed and happy with my life knowing that he is always there beside me and our little daughter. It is always good to have someone to talk to and who will stick to you in times of problems and during the time when you are down and lonely. 

Thankful to God for allowing all this things happened and for giving me a husband who understands me for who I am. I just realized I slowly have some things I wish him to give me before when we are still girlfriend and boyfriend. He is true to his promises to give me those things as long as he can. I just wish we could celebrate our 3rd anniversary somewhere in Europe for a memorable vacation. I pray that we’ll become sweeter as the years go by. Happy anniversary gang. I love you.

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